Girls outperform boys in enrollment in Gaya District | Patna News

Patna: In what appears to be a distinct sign of social transformation, girls from even remote areas are joining schools in their localities in large numbers. Girls in Gaya district have even surpassed boys in current year enrollment.
In the 3,105 elementary schools in the district, the total enrollment this year is 6.67 lakh and 3.40 lakh of them are girls. The number of boys joining the schools this year is only 3.27 lakh, about 13,588 less than the girls.
Gaya district education officer Rajdeo Ram told the newspaper that an intensive enrollment campaign has been launched in both urban and rural areas of the district to attract girls to schools. The number of girls in schools had dropped significantly due to Covid-induced closures. Cultural teams have been formed by the Bihar Education Project district officials to launch a registration campaign. The team members visited different villages beating drums and singing specially made songs “Hamar muniya padhe chal schooliya hamar muniya” in the alleys and alleys of the district.
This exercise also had a magical effect on the girls and their parents. A large number of girls in the village have started attending the schools. While many private schools have shuttered due to their prolonged closure, children from those schools have also joined public schools, Ram said.
The DEO further stated that girls are comparatively more serious in their studies than boys and many of them want to become IAS officers or scientists. He said the education department would also launch the tracking system in grades V and VI to locate abandoned girls, if any. Authorities will try to determine the reasons for their abandonment and find the solution, he said.
Social activist Nawal Kishore Chaudhary observed that the recent government push to appoint women to 35% in government jobs has given a boost to girls’ literacy and education in the state. In addition, free education up to master’s level has been instrumental in increasing girls’ awareness and motivation to continue their education, he said.
Programs such as “Balika Poshak Yojana”, Mukhyamantri Balika Cycle Yojana and the scholarship program have brought about positive changes in the thinking of the poor in recent years and they are eagerly sending their wards to schools, he added.

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