Cleveland Staff Sneak Peek at New UCC Historic District Offices


National Ministries employees of the United Church of Christ got their first glimpse of their new workplace on March 14.

With floor plans in hand, they visited spaces under construction at 1300 E. 9th Street in downtown Cleveland.

The future UCC offices on the 11th floor were only visible in outline. Metal studs and drywall formed the skeletons of a reception area, offices, conference rooms, gathering spaces, a place of worship, and more.

Sunlight from windows on either side illuminated the series of small group tours. Minister General and President John Dorhauer served as tour guide, as seen in the attached video.

General Minister and President John Dorhauer leads a tour of the future home of UCC National Ministries.

UCC Historic District

The decision to sell the 32-year-old National Ministries home at 700 Prospect Avenue came in 2021. As a result, UCC will soon move into leased space in an area rich in church history.

Just out the window to the west is the public auditorium and music hall complex. There the UCC was formed in 1957, when the Congregational Christian Churches and the Evangelical and Reformed Church held their unifying General Synod.

Connected to the “1300” office building is the Westin Cleveland Downtown, the hotel where people will now stay for the UCC Board of Directors and other meetings. It also has a lot of UCC history.

Known in the past as Bond Court, Sheraton and Crowne Plaza, it was a key lodging place for delegates to the general synods held in Cleveland in 1987 and 2015. And in 1999 it simultaneously hosted the meetings of nine UCC governing bodies. It was then that the directors of the former UCC “instrumentalities” voted to regroup into four covenant ministries. With the consent of the General Synod of 1999, this structure came into effect in 2000 and has been further modified since.

I want to move in May

In addition to offices on the 11th floor, national ministries will have space in the basement for CCU Resources and a video studio. Joining covenant ministries on the 11th will be the Council of Ministries of Health and Social Services and the Open and affirmative coalition. the Church building and loan fund and the Cornerstone Funds will be on the 16th floor.

In a construction update during an online staff meeting on March 9, Dorhauer tentatively estimated that staff would start moving into their new offices in May. On March 13, they and the entire church had a chance to say goodbye at 700 Prospect Avenue during a special online worship service live from Amistad Chapel.

As Dorhauer noted in a webinar about the move, the decision was made for far more important reasons than the “spectacular views” the new offices provide. “The real message here is to focus on your mission and ensure, as good stewards, that every resource you have is currently serving the mission,” he said in the “ministry on the move” Webinar. “And if not, find a way to reuse it for the good of the mission. That’s what it was all about.

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