B.Tech Computer Science – Professional Diploma for Students


Technology has touched all aspects of human life, as inventions and machines have made life and work easier and hassle-free. Moreover, with the advent of computers and related programs, human beings can create specific applications and tools to further simplify their lives.

Computers and humans

Humans can communicate with each other using the World Wide Web. They can also create software to perform tasks that previously required human skills and minds. For example, today artificial intelligence can think and solve problems like a normal human being but with greater efficiency.

Since computers have become a mainstay in all aspects of human life, it is necessary to train and educate students. Each student should learn and understand the anatomy of a computer and how its various components work to create an application. Several educational institutions offer professional degrees that provide training in software and hardware.

Getting the right education

B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering is an educational qualification which provides the skills needed by an individual. With this course, the student can understand, learn and even create new computer software, applications and hardware. It is an undergraduate degree that equips an individual, making them capable of understanding programming languages ​​and other aspects of fully functional computer software.

Eligibility details for the B.Tech computer course

It is a 4-year professional diploma that requires perseverance and determination. The student must:

  • Have passed their 12th recognized school board standard exam.
  • Should have studied English, Mathematics and Physics as compulsory subjects
  • Should have studied the following subjects as electives: biotechnology, biology, chemistry or other optional technical subject offered by the board.
  • Must have obtained a minimum of 50% marks in Physics, Mathematics and one of the optional subjects
  • Take the Joint Entrance Test (JEE) – JEE scores help students get on the selection list for premium and elite academic institutions.

Course structure

The 4-year graduate degree is divided into eight semesters where students study certain compulsory subjects to develop fundamental and in-depth knowledge of software, hardware and related processes.

Students are regularly assessed on the basis of their performance in exams organized by the institution.

They have to go through lab work, projects, Viva, a theory paper, and even a research project throughout the course period. Their performance in all these projects will be graded and added to the final grade.

Distance learning

Students who cannot enroll in a full-time course can opt for distance education programs. Interested candidates can earn their undergraduate degree by joining online or distance courses. They are required to take their exams at designated centers and obtain their diploma.

Higher Education

After their undergraduate degree, students can pursue an M.Tech, that is, a master’s degree in computer science and even a doctorate. This will further improve their career prospects and help them better understand.

During the undergraduate program, students select an elective subject, which will constitute the major in which the person is majoring.

Most popular course specializations

A B.Tech graduate has a multitude of specialization options. But, the two most popular are cybersecurity and artificial intelligence. In the 21st century, these are the two most lucrative fields.

Cyber ​​security:

Information in the 21st century is not secure. Machine-to-machine interaction makes it easier than ever for professional hackers to enter a private or public network.

The course material teaches students:

  • the importance of cybersecurity,
  • backdoors set up programmers that allow hackers to enter a network, and
  • skills required to test the security of a network, identify vulnerabilities and propose solutions

The term used for such a specialization is ethical hacking. Students can learn how to prevent such attacks and create antivirus software that will help organizations protect their data.

Artificial intelligence:

As the name suggests, the domain helps machines around the world develop intelligence equivalent to or greater than the human mind. It enables machine-to-machine interaction without human intervention. Artificial intelligence is a highly demanded technology used by all large companies using information technology to improve their processes and products. B. Tech computer science graduates can acquire enough knowledge throughout the course to land a job in this field.

Job prospects at the end of the course

A new graduate can expect prestigious employment in any software or hardware company.

The growing demand for better customer satisfaction by several companies has made this degree the most sought after by students.

Science professionals are in great demand to create robust and disruptive software solutions. A B. Tech graduate has excellent career prospects and may take on the following jobs or roles within an organization:

  1. Software engineer / developer
  2. Programmer
  3. Data Analyst – a person empowered to generate actionable insights and insights from data that impacts multiple decisions critical to the organization
  4. Application developer
  5. Hardware and network engineer
  6. Web developer
  7. Network analyst
  8. Information security specialist
  9. Machine learning specialist

The most popular global hub is Silicon Valley in the United States, but there are several opportunities in India. Future technologies depend on the skills of computer specialists, which can be acquired by gaining admission to a prestigious college or university.

Which university to join?

BML Munjal University is one of the leading universities in India that offers B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering course for its students. Initiative of the Hero Group, BML Munjal University is one of the most prestigious and top ranked institutions. Students receive practical and theoretical knowledge regarding IT processes and applications.

What they offer:

They also have world-class facilities and tools to become leaders. With its study program organized by professionals and experienced teachers, BML Munjal University enables students to land the best jobs in the industry or become technology entrepreneurs.

  • Provides tools, equipment, computer systems, access to laboratories and other advanced facilities, which help them acquire practical knowledge in the field
  • Encourages creative thinking
  • Excellent management skills are taught
  • Have the opportunity to work with industry leaders
  • Get first-hand experiences regarding the challenges faced by an IT professional and ways to overcome them.

Students must submit their application to the university to be admitted. Obtain the minimum percentage required to pass the JEE exam. Admission to BMU University can open the door to other excellent prospects in life.


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