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PCG Edutainment offers college courses to musical artists attending accredited universities across the United States; Partners with Kennesaw State University |

KENNESAW, Georgia., September 5, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – Owner of Digital Science Media, Matej Harangozo, and CEO of PCG Artist Development, Bernard porter, launched its joint venture – PCG Edutainment in fall 2020. The company offers a college curriculum and instruction in music, social media, digital marketing, and artist development. The last partnership is with Kennesaw State University College of Professional Education under the Joel A. Katz Music and Entertainment Business Program.

The course “Social Media and Digital Marketing for Music Artists” will consist of two modules. The first module “Career Accelerator” takes place from October 6 to November 3, 2021 and the second module “Playing with the Majors” takes place from January 5 to February 2, 2022.

The sessions will be taught by the two music industry veterans – Harangozo and Porter – and will focus on the ever-changing music industry and social media platforms. This course explores the science behind building a strong artist brand online and the strategies for mastering all possible ways to monetize your music.

Students who register for the course at Kennesaw State University can expect to learn:

How to build a successful and engaging online brand;

How to identify and dissect the psychology of your target superfan;

An understanding of social media algorithms and how to leverage these platforms; and

How to master digital marketing skills and how to monetize your music brand.

This is the second official accredited program for PCG Edutainment. The pilot program was launched this fall under the official name of: PCG Artist Development at Visible Music College in Memphis, Tennessee. Harangozo and Porter share the common goal of being America’s leader in artist development and education. Further courses will be offered at various schools throughout 2021 and 2022.

For more information on PCG Edutainment, or if you would like to sign up for a program, send an email [email protected].

On Matej Harangozo

Award-winning entrepreneur, music enthusiast and innovative technologist. Matej Harangozo is a disruption engine with experience in developing cutting-edge automation platforms and protocols. A serial entrepreneur and web systems / software visionary, he is currently the co-owner and managing partner of Codaemon, an e-commerce solutions provider. In his quest to help independent artists get noticed, he also created Open Source Entertainment, a music business incubator, and Digital Science Media, his digital marketing arm. These two organizations are disrupting the music industry – representing emerging artists including Hello Sister, China Mac, the gospel label Black Smoke Music, and many others under the legend of the hip hop industry Wendy’s Day to name a few. Formerly recognized by the SBA as Maryland’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Harangozo lectures at universities and is a keynote speaker for TEDx and the Musician Mastery Summit. His companies have been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine and The Baltimore Sun. Visit to learn more.

On Bernard porter

CEO and Founder of PCG Artist Development and CEO and Co-Founder of PCG Theatrical, Bernard porter is a seasoned entertainment executive with 27 years of experience. His A&R prowess is recognized nationally. Porter was instrumental in signing the superstar Jason aldean at Broken Bow Records. A successful business entrepreneur, Porter has spent his career developing and securing high-profile joint ventures in the private and private sectors, guiding them through all phases of creative media, production, marketing and product launches. national. In addition, he has served as an entertainment consultant for numerous record labels, broadband networks, major recording artists, large corporations, state tourism boards as well as specialty venues including the Mall of America. To Minneapolis, Simon Mall properties, Dave & Buster’s and Marriott hotels. Visit to learn more.

Media contact

Matej Harangozo, Digital Science Media, +1 (443) 718-0003, [email protected]

Matej Harangozo, Digital science media, 4438126018, [email protected]

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Chemeketa Grant Will Help Under-Served Students Take College Courses | New

Itemizer-Observer Report

SALEM – Chemeketa Community College has received $ 1.54 million to help high school students make the transition to higher education. This project will include expanding dual credit opportunities, developing hybrid models of CTE and combined school enrollment, implementing innovative technological improvements, providing guidance and gateways for transitions to university. , and providing teachers with effective technology and professional development for distance education.

Project activities are based on researching best practices in supporting college graduation, including meeting the needs of underrepresented equity target populations as well as rural students in the district of Chemeketa.

“Chemeketa’s dual enrollment program opens up the world of college to hundreds of high school students each year,” said Chemeketa President Jessica Howard. “With this grant, we will be able to extend this opportunity to more students, especially those in rural areas and those who have faced barriers due to historical marginalization. The grant funds courses, teacher training, technology, and college counseling to increase the number of students who graduate from college.

Currently, Chemeketa’s dual enrollment program welcomes approximately 1,500 students per year.

Sara Hastings, Dean of Chemeketa High School Partnerships, added: “The College Credit Now (CCN) program at Chemeketa is committed to promoting equity and access for high school students across our district of service, ”said Sara Hastings, Dean of Chemeketa High School Partnerships. “These grant funds will provide additional support to our rural and under-represented student populations with a focus on college success and completion.”

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Whatever your specialty, include these essential university courses for a successful career

Ah, college enrollment season. So many options. A recent reading of my alma mater’s course catalog revealed some tempting options: the history of philosophy I: the pre-Socratics to Augustine; the literary history of the atrocity; the games people play: the psychology of strategic decision making, to name a few.

Lately I’ve been thinking maybe I should have traded all those psychology and English classes for machine learning, digital media, and microbiology – classes that can provide in-demand skills and a wealth of knowledge. that employers are looking for new employees.

“A structured academic approach to learning a new skill or introducing yourself to a new field is one of the best ways to understand how you want to progress in your career,” said Joe Flanagan, Senior Employment Advisor at VelvetJobs, a career matching company that matches jobs with candidates around the world.

“Colleges are the perfect hub for absorbing as much knowledge as possible, without having to tunnel you through goals, pay or milestones. What you study in detail can help you dramatically increase your chances of success in the future.

Here, experts evaluate the key courses to add to your enrollment list. And if you’re a mid-career professional, you might want to consider auditing these courses to get a head start in the workplace or the workforce. Plato may not conquer everything, but programming certainly does.

Coding is one of the best courses you should consider taking.

Computer Science: Introduction to Programming

We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but yes, you should take a coding class.

“Just because you don’t work in IT doesn’t mean you won’t benefit from this course,” said Grant Aldrich, Founder and CEO of Online diplomas.

“Understanding the principles of programming allows you to better converse with real developers and better understand what you are looking at under the user interface. Computer science is all about logic; you can improve your thinking skills just by gaining an understanding of the skill.

Marketing / Branding

Social media has created a world in which everyone can essentially be their own brand. Getting the formal setup of the pitch can be a big boon to your potential career, even if you just want to convert your TikTok followers into shoppers of silky-haired gummy vitamins. (OK, please don’t do that.)

“Understanding the fundamentals of how marketing, promotion and branding works go a long way in building a successful career, making the most of opportunities and building a personal brand,” said Flanagan. “Working professionals can attest to the fact that self-promotion is essential for success in the business world and that mastery of marketing is the perfect starting point for the same. “

Graphic design

Yes, you should also learn Photoshop.

“Having specific design expertise sets candidates apart as design skills are required for content creation, all digital and print communication and marketing channels, as well as external and internal communications,” said said Amanda Ponzar, Head of Communications and Head of Recruitment at “This valuable skill is still needed.”

Do yourself and your future a favor and take a statistics class.

Introduction to statistics

Over the past year, we have seen the importance of statistics and balancing risks enter our daily lives. Do yourself and your future a favor and take a statistics class.

“[We] are inundated with data. We see percentages on food items, bar charts on news and tables of data in doctors’ offices, ”said Lindsey Wander, Founder and CEO of WorldWise Tutoring. “Not only does understanding the implications of statistics give you a better understanding of how our world works, it forces you to explore beyond the surface to draw more informed conclusions. Employers want to know that you are not quick to blindly accept information and that you are not easily fooled by information presented in a certain way.

She also noted that learning statistics helps students develop essential skills such as inquiry, analysis and deduction.

Just like the famous Yale “Joy” Of course, this program is all about improving your life, with an emphasis on unlocking, decision making, unlocking your creativity, building a better future and more. A popular class taught at Stanford, it has now been translated into a book and an online course.

“This is the # 1 course that I recommend to any student,” said Joyce Bao, goals strategist and career transformation coach who drives the “Permission to become” Podcast. She suggests this course to people of all ages, whether you’re a college graduate, transitioning your career, or someone who wants more balance in life.

“What I like about this course is how it distilled key design principles, such as curiosity, penchant for action, and integrating chess into practical tools,” a- she declared.

“Anyone who has no design experience can design their own life. By prototyping several paths before embarking on a particular path, the process presents the possibilities of an effervescent life.

Sequential courses

It is therefore not a course in itself, but valuable advice for the future workforce nonetheless.

“Go long and deep into any subject that relates to [your chosen] career, ”said Baron Christopher Hanson, owner of RedBaron United States of America, a specialized recruitment firm. “For example, don’t just take Accounting 101 and think you’re done. Take 201 forensic accounting, 301 corporate financial reporting, and 401 advanced valuation and strategy to master being able to detect fraud, respond to boards, or be able to sell a business.

Why? Employers want to hire students who are committed to their educational journey. The course selection shows how dedicated a student will apply. If you can, try to take these courses in a row.

“What I’m looking for as a career coach and hiring manager are students who have taken the Finance I, II and III courses; Chinese I, II and III; business law I, II and III, etc. Students who just skate and take the bare minimum are immediately at a disadvantage.


“Whatever career a student wishes to pursue, the most important thing they can study is English,” said Bruce Hurwitz, Ph.D., President and CEO of Hurwitz Strategic Endowment. “Without being able to communicate well both orally and in writing, they will not advance in their careers, let alone get a job offer.”

Personal finance

“It was one of the most valuable courses I took in college,” Bao said. “It’s important to learn the basics of saving, investing, credit cards and taxes in order to be prepared for financial stability and independence in real life. “

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The ABCs of changing college courses if and when you want under NEP 2020

July 29 marked one year since the launch of the New Education Policy (NEP) 2020. occasion, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the “University Credit Bank” program which opens the way to multiple entry and exit options for higher education students. Promoted as a revolutionary reform, the Center said it would lead to a reduction in dropouts and an improvement in the enrollment rate. What this implies in the field is more flexibility for college students to choose their subjects and pursue the course they want.

What is academic credit banking?

Saying that an undergraduate degree will be 3 or 4 years in duration, NEP 2020 had considered several exit options during this period for students starting as early as the end of the first year of college. NEP said a student can earn a certificate after completing their first year in any subject, including vocational and vocational courses. Complete two years and she is eligible for a degree while a bachelor’s degree would be awarded after a 3-year program.

To this extent, the NEP had stated that an Academic Credit Bank (ABC) would be set up to “digitally store academic credits obtained from various recognized higher education institutions (HEIs) so that the degrees of an HEI may be awarded based on account credits earned “.

On July 28 of this year, the Center notified the 2021 regulation of the University Grants Commission (establishment and operation of the academic credit bank in higher education), thus officially freeing the bridges for the official launch of the initiative.

How will ABC help you?

The Center said that the ABC program will be applicable to all Indian universities at central or state level, reputable universities and autonomous colleges. A key objective of NEP 2020 is to provide flexibility to students regarding the choice of subjects as well as the prescribed trajectory for pursuing higher education.

Look at it this way: a student is entering a private lesson at a certain college. But a year later, she might find that she had better take a different path. Or, for family or financial reasons, she may not be able to continue in this college. In the normal course of things, she should give up. If she enrolls in another college, she loses a year and the fees she paid during that time. And, if she comes back to school later, even in this scenario, she wasted a year and money spent in college.

NEP 2020 offers a solution to these students by providing a “creative combination of study disciplines with multiple entry and exit points”. The idea is to “remove rigid borders and create new possibilities for students to choose and learn the subjects of their choice.”. What he further seeks to achieve is “transparent student mobility between or within” a college through a “formal system of credit recognition, credit accumulation, credit transfers and repurchase of credits ”. It is in this respect that the ABC takes all its importance.

What is the credit system?

According to the notification from the UGC, a “credit” is awarded at the end of “one hour of theory or one hour of tutorial or two hours of laboratory work, per week for a period of one semester. (13-15 weeks) giving rise to the allocation of a credit “.

The ABC now allows a system of “credit accumulation”, which must be facilitated by the opening of a

Bank account (ABA) by students in order to transfer and consolidate the credits they have acquired in the course they are pursuing. ‘Credit recognition’ involves the transfer of credits earned by students to the ABC, while ‘credit transfer’ is the process by which HEIs can receive or provide credits in a student’s ABA.

UGC has stated that credits obtained at registered higher education institutions during or after the 2021-2022 academic year alone are eligible for credit transfer, credit accumulation and credit redemption through ABC. .

How can a student use the “credit” system?

Under the credit-based system, the multiple inputs and outputs option is available at both undergraduate and master’s level. To allow multiple entry and exit from HEIs, a student’s academic path is divided into ‘levels in ascending order from level 5 to level 10 (where) level 5 represents the certificate and level 10 represents the research diploma “.

Suppose you have just enrolled in the first year of an undergraduate course. You are therefore at level 5 of the credit system. By the end of the first year, you must have accumulated 36-40 credits, which would make you eligible for an undergraduate certificate. Now, suppose you leave the course. When you are ready to return to it, you will need to enter the second year, which is level 6. For this, you must have the certificate obtained after completing the first year of the undergraduate program. If you graduate at the end of this second year, you will get a degree for which you will need 72-80 credits from levels 5 to 6, with 36-40 credits at level 6.

For the third year of your undergraduate studies, you will need to meet the entry requirements for level 7, which is the two-year degree. After completing three years of college studies, you will graduate to Level 7, which requires 108-120 credits from Levels 5-7, with 36-40 credits at Level 5, 36-40 credits at Level 6, and 36- 40 credits at level 7.

Level 8 of a bachelor’s degree course involves honors / research and requires the student to have obtained the level 7 qualifications. “After meeting the requirements for a three-year bachelor’s degree, applicants who meet a minimum GPA 7.5 will be allowed to continue their education in the fourth year of the undergraduate program to continue and complete the bachelor’s degree with research, ”UGC said.

A similar structure governs postgraduate education. UGC said that “the validity of credits earned will be for a maximum period of seven years or as specified by the ABC”.

How to open an academic bank account?

The ABA is an individual account in the ABC which must be opened and managed by a student, “into which all academic credits earned by the student in the course (s) of study are deposited, recognized, maintained, accumulated , transferred, validated or redeemed for the purpose of awarding degrees / diplomas / certificates, etc. by an awarding institution “.

The ABC is described as an academic service mechanism that takes the form of a digital or virtual or online entity established by the UGC with the approval of the Center. It will allow “students to become its academic account holders, thus paving the way for flawless student mobility”.

Regarding the side entry system or changing of course, UGC said higher education institutions can reserve places in this regard “if the student has either (has) successfully completed the first year / second year / third year of the same program at any institution, or (b) already successfully completed a first degree program and wish and

academically capable of pursuing another undergraduate program in a related subject ”.

Read all the latest news, breaking news and coronavirus news here

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Free University Courses to Build Vermonters Skills | New

Using $ 1 million in COVID-19 relief funds, the University of Vermont plans to offer free college courses to 550 Vermonters looking to hone their skills or learn new ones to better adapt to the job market current.

“I’ve been in this field for 20 years and it’s unprecedented, completely new,” said Cynthia Belliveau, Dean of Continuing and Distance Education at the University of Vermont on Wednesday. “There aren’t any real stipulations, you just can’t be a student. It really is for everyone. It is quite remarkable. Even with yesterday’s announcement, we have 153 people signed up. So there is a need. “

The workforce skills enhancement grant will fund two courses that can count towards earning a university degree or vocational certificate program, she said. The courses cover healthcare, digital economy, leadership and management.

“We chose these three areas because of the work we have done where we see these are future and urgent career needs,” said Belliveau.

Belliveau said his department is all about being flexible with people’s lives and schedules. She recommends that interested parties register immediately. They will have a year to decide what they want to pursue and there are programs they can take to help them decide the best course of action. Many courses are distance learning with courses taking place one or two days a week.

She said employers should take note of this as well, as they can refer their employees to the program. The UVM health network was interested, as were King Arthur Flour, Outdoor Gear Exchange, Whetstone Station Brewery in Brattleboro and Cabot.

“But the biggest partner we have is (Community College of Vermont). They have their money, we have our money, they call their occupations critical, we call our high impact programs… ”she said, adding that it is possible to use both to get four free classes.

She said the pandemic has left many people looking for new careers or ways to stay relevant in their current fields. She would like this program to continue and hopes that the data collected on this will show its value.

Julia Zema, campaign manager in Manchester-based Orvis’ marketing team, said she took classes under the program a few years ago. Orvis paid for it, all she had to do was fly to Burlington from Arlington every Friday for a month or two. Online learning was not as popular back then, she said, but believes the pandemic has changed the way people think about it.

For Zema, small lessons led to bigger things.

“I liked the program so much that I’m about to graduate from UVM with my Masters in Sustainability Leadership in their Environmental Resources program,” she said.

The courses allowed her to broaden her organizational skills and knowledge of organizational tools, which helped her a lot professionally.

“I would say it’s really worth being a priority in your life,” she said. “I believe education is the best investment we can make in ourselves, and like anything else you will get what you put into it, there are so many resources that are provided throughout the course that you might not be able to cover it in the span of it, but can take it home.

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Professional qualifications: college courses in Scotland

Help boost your career with a part-time or distance professional qualification - applications are open
Help boost your career with a part-time or distance professional qualification – applications are open

After 16 unprecedented months, many people are reassessing what their future holds. Investing in your career might be the best decision you’ve ever made – and the team at Fife College are here to help, with a range of courses tailored for you that could open a new chapter in your life.

Andrew Carnegie Business School (ACBS), which is part of Fife College, offers high quality training programs in a wide range of management disciplines.

With qualifications ranging from certificate to postgraduate, the college can support organizations and individual learners at all stages of their careers with a wide range of professional development skills essential for today’s challenging business environment. hui.

Whatever type of training you are looking for, from accounting and finance to management and leadership, ACBS has a course for you.

John Phillips of Andrew Carnegie Business School said, “Now is the time to take control of your future and invest in your future career. We are now accepting applications for courses starting in September 2021, so there has never been a better time to experience the benefits of additional professional qualifications.

Calling all professionals

Whether you are currently unemployed, on leave or looking for a promotion, new qualifications can help. They could help you land a new job, get that new promotion, or provide you with additional job security in times of uncertainty. It could be the competitive edge your career is looking for, or just the development solution to help you feel confident in a fast-paced work environment.

John added: “After the pandemic, businesses and individuals will look to invest in retraining and skills development.

“Fife College can play a vital and essential role in helping individuals and businesses in our local communities build the skills needed to rebuild the economy.

“There has never been a better time to hone and update your CV, and the Andrew Carnegie Business School at Fife College is here to help. “

The Business School offers accredited professional qualifications in:

• Accounting and finance

• Human resources management, and

• Management and leadership

Qualifications range from certificate to postgraduate level and include high quality programs accredited by leading professional institutes including AAT, CMI, ILM and CIPD.

Part-time and distance courses are available, to suit your lifestyle and learning preferences.

Visit the website to find out more about the range of diplomas on offer, with training at all levels that suit you, whatever the stage of your career.

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Essex County inmates receive recognition after completing courses at Northern Essex College

Essex County Sheriff’s Department inmates who have completed the educational programs provided by Northern Essex Community College were recently recognized in a ceremony at the Middleton House of Correction.

Jillian Nelson, deputy superintendent of the Essex County Sheriff’s Department, said advances in education prove “great things can happen in the most unexpected places.” Speaker Dennis Everett, Director of Reintegration at UTEC, highlighted his own difficult childhood due to domestic violence and multiple incarceration.

“All of my earnings wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t done the internal work,” Everett said, asking inmates to “restore family relationships” and “forgive each other.”

The students have been recognized by Director of Education Darla Lamanna and staff at Northern Essex Community College, Spectrum Health Systems, Roca and UTEC.

Northern Essex has been offering educational programs for the Essex County Sheriff’s Department since 2019, when the college was selected through a competitive grant process. Sheriff Kevin F. Coppinger has said providing educational opportunities for inmates is a priority. “Our motto is that every obstacle is an opportunity. We want our customers to know that if something comes in front of them, they can fall forward. “

North Essex has staff at the Middleton House of Correction, including on-site educational and professional advisers, learning specialists, inmate library legal librarians and a program director. Programs include preparation courses for students taking the high school equivalency exam, three-credit college courses, and a one-week course leading to certification as a peer tutor.

Dylan Flanagan received the highest score on the HiSET test and was the class’s promotion major. Wearing a royal blue graduation cap and gown, he said: “The main thing I’ve learned is that whatever the situation, focus on the positive. Never give up because there is always a silver lining. Thank you for giving me the tools to find my good side.

Northern Essex President Lane A. Glenn spoke of a student who started taking classes at the correctional facility and moved to campus after being released mid-semester. The student is now enrolled in the college’s business management program.

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