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7 places to find free college courses online, from Harvard to MIT

Online learning is a flexible and convenient way to improve yourself. Whether you want to train for another profession while working, improve your skills to increase your current career prospects, learn more about a topic you are passionate about, or simply improve your knowledge, there are myriad options available to you.

Thanks to the generosity of educational institutions in the United States and elsewhere, there is a plethora of college MOOC courses available online for free. (MOOC stands for “massive open online course,” aka “a study program that is made available for free over the Internet to a very large number of people.”) In most cases, after completing the course, you can choose to receive a verified certificate. certificate for a small fee to add to your CV.

One such platform that offers free online university courses from a wide variety of educational institutions is edX. Created in 2012 by Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, it is a non-profit organization, so it reinvests any product directly into the platform and is open to everyone.

We have curated a selection of US universities on the edX platform offering free online college courses that you can start today from anywhere.


Boston’s Berklee College of Music is the largest independent contemporary music college in the world. Its alumni, which include John Mayer, Melissa Etheridge and Aimee Mann, have won over 400 Grammy Awards and Latin Grammy Awards, more than any other college, so you will join a valued group of people if you choose to study in its syllabus. .

BerkleeX’s edX options currently consist of five courses in Spanish and English: Voice Recording Technology, Introduction to Music, Creativity and Entrepreneurship, Introduction to Music Theory, and Music for Wellbeing.

These courses are all short, achievable options varying from four to six weeks, requiring a manageable weekly time commitment. Once you have completed the courses, you can add a verified certificate for $ 40.

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Caltech is a world-renowned science and engineering research and education institution based in Pasadena, California. You don’t have to travel to the Golden State to enjoy its teachings, as there are many CaltechX courses available for free online.

Caltech’s scientific, technical and technological contributions are world famous. Professors and alumni have won an impressive 32 Nobel Prizes, including two for Linus Pauling, who received Nobel Prizes in Chemistry and Peace. This means that you will be in good hands if you choose to take a CaltechX course, and if you want to impress your friends and family with a Caltech certificate on the wall, you can pay extra to get one once you have completed your course. finished the course.

CaltechX has a carefully curated online offering of five courses, including Principles of Economics with Calculus, Pricing options with Mathematical Models, Quantum Cryptography, and Learning from Data, all of which are 10 courses. weeks. The Course of the Evolving Universe, a fascinating look at the formation, function and evolution of stars, galaxies, black holes, quasars and more, can be completed in just four weeks.

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One of eight Ivy League universities in the United States, Cornell University, based in Ithaca, New York, is a highly respected educational institution with alumni that includes over 60 Nobel Laureates, four Turing Prize winners and one Fields Medalist. The list includes Toni Morrison, Wole Soyinka and Pearl Buck, who have each won the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Cornell doesn’t have the largest selection of online courses, but it does offer a few through the edX platform, all free, with a certificate available if you want to prove you’re a Cornell scholar.

In addition to the STEM, Engineering, and Tech-themed offerings, CornellX also has the fabulously dubbed “Sharks!” in collaboration with the University of Queensland in Australia, to teach you all about the history, anatomy and even the cultural impact of sea creatures. There is also “The Ethics of Food” and “American Capitalism: A History”.

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Another Ivy League institution, Dartmouth College is a prestigious research university based in Hanover, New Hampshire.

The College’s online offerings through edX are a diverse assortment of artistic and scientific subjects that you can access and study for free, with these valuable certificates available for a fee. When it comes to science, there are tons of courses to teach you computer science with Linux and C programming content. There is also an introduction to environmental science and a five week overview on “Bipedalism: The Science of Upright Walking “.

On the arts side, you can watch (or listen!) German and / or Italian opera for free for four weeks. There is also the possibility of studying classical literature from the 19th century.

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The Georgia Institute of Technology, or Georgia Tech, is one of the leading research universities in the United States, providing technology-based education to more than 25,000 students. You can reach these thousands of academics online through edX’s GTx portal.

GTx offers a wide selection of free technology-based courses and courses that range from five-week courses that you can study part-time at home, as well as paid options, on topics such as human-machine interaction. and an introduction to Python programming, which can lead to a professional qualification or even a master’s degree.

Staying with the free options (you can, of course, choose to pay for a certificate), you can attend Virtual Georgia Tech to learn more about computing in Python, data structures and algorithms, and the linear algebra.

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As the oldest institute of higher education in the United States, Harvard University does not need to be introduced. You could join the more than 350,000 Harvard alumni around the world if you invest time in one of the institution’s MOOCs.

Harvard University edX courses can be audited for free or students can choose to receive a verified certificate for a small fee. Courses vary widely in terms of time to complete and time commitment you need to take on a weekly basis, but all of this information can be found on the course information pages.

The subjects are varied and plentiful, some giving you work-related skills and knowledge and others more suited to the sheer joy of learning. Current offerings include an introduction to biochemistry, a host of data science topics, various classical music studies, and understanding world religions through their scriptures.

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Credit: EDX.ORG

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is a research university “dedicated to advancing knowledge and training students in science, technology and other fields of study that will best serve the nation and the world in the 21st century. “.

Many free online MITx courses use the same material developed for MIT residential courses at the Institute’s five schools in 33 academic disciplines. MITx courses can be audited for free, or students can choose to receive a verified certificate for a small fee.

MITx courses include modules in modern finance, supply chain studies, an overview of entrepreneurship, examining the challenges of global poverty and economic development, and an absolute ton of scientific study. It should be noted that due to the complex nature of the subjects, some MITx courses require a serious time commitment of up to 20 hours per week.

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Over 1,000 free university courses available in Wales

Thousands of people across Wales are now eligible for free training to rewrite their careers by creating a personal learning account.

As part of the Welsh Government program, Wales Colleges now collectively offer more than 1,000 free courses in sectors conducive to employment opportunities including construction, finance, IT, health and safety , project management and engineering.

The program is aimed at those who are currently on leave, on a zero hour contract or whose job is at risk, provided they are 19 years of age or older and earning less than £ 26,000.

Following a successful pilot project with Coleg Gwent and Grwp Llandrillo Menai which has seen around 500 people across Wales enroll in fully funded part-time courses, Personal Training Accounts are now being rolled out to the nationwide to help thousands of people in Wales boost their skills and employability.

All courses have been specially designed to address the skill gaps already identified in the priority sectors in Wales. Employers and stakeholders have worked in partnership with colleges to develop courses relevant to sectors that are expected to create employment opportunities now or in the near future.

All courses are part-time and are truly flexible, designed to study around other commitments such as a current job. Many are taught online, meaning that learners can study remotely and in the evenings and weekends.

Education Minister Kirsty Williams said: “The impact of the pandemic has unfortunately affected many industries, with many people looking for ways to learn new professional skills, perhaps at their local college.

“Personal learning accounts are designed to help people who have jobs and whose jobs may be at risk. If you are worried about the certainty of your job, or if you are on leave or on a zero hour contract, having access to a free personal training account could provide you with the skills and qualifications to start a new business. rewarding career.

“As we work towards a Welsh right to lifelong learning, the PLAs show what can be achieved for individuals, the economy and the country as a whole. “

Callum Wareham of Rhondda Cynon Taf was able to accelerate his career in the public service by setting up a personal learning account with Coleg Gwent. To date, he has completed the Agile Project Management, PRINCE2 and ITIL 4 courses, has been promoted and is now on track to raise his salary.

Callum said: “I was very lucky to get a job in the public service, especially since I had never done project management before. I liked it a lot, but because it was new to me I had to learn everything from scratch and I lacked confidence in my job. I wanted to move up the ranks to a project manager position, but I had accepted that it would take time to learn everything I needed to know on the job. Until I found out about learning personal accounts.

“Creating a personal learning account has already opened doors for me and gave me the confidence and initiative to teach myself if there is something I don’t understand or want. find out more. This came at a good time for me as I am working from home at the moment and the course was remotely which allowed me to easily adjust an hour in the morning before starting work or in the evening after having ended . I even have an app on my phone so I can access resources on the go.

“The professional qualifications I acquired in project management were more important to my progress than my university degree, but the courses can be expensive, so without a personal training account I could not have afforded it. It certainly accelerated my career, I would recommend anyone who qualifies to do so – he’s a real game changer. “

Everything you need to know about personal training accounts

What is that?

Creating a personal training account gives you access to free training that will help you improve your job prospects and your career in general. Choose from over 1,000 courses in 10 industries such as construction, finance, digital, health and social services, and engineering, and study at home online around your other commitments.

Who is eligible?

Anyone over 19 earning less than £ 26,000 or anyone currently on leave, with a zero hour contract, or who have been told their job is in danger.

How can I apply?

Apply for a personal learning account through Working Wales and speak to a local advisor. Call 0800 028 4844 or visit for more information.

How much does it cost?

It’s free! All college courses under the Personal Learning Accounts program are funded by the Welsh government. The only costs you will need to cover are your own expenses if you have to travel.

What courses can I take?

Hundreds of courses are offered at all colleges in Wales. Visit college websites for more information.

Choose from qualifications in:

  • Accounting
  • Business and management
  • Construction
  • IT and digital
  • Engineering
  • Photography
  • Customer service
  • Advanced materials and manufacturing
  • Commerce, tourism and leisure
  • Hospitality and catering
  • Health and social protection
  • Food and terrestrial
  • Energy and environment

Should I go to my local college or can I study anywhere in Wales?

Many colleges offer online-only education, which can mean you can explore beyond your local college. However, be aware that face-to-face learning may be required during the duration of your course, so you will need to factor in travel times and costs.

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