With thriving medical practices, Nigro Construction helps healthcare providers grow


Suite from the Institute for Advanced Surgery in Las Vegas.

LAS VEGAS – Even before the pandemic and the accompanying public health crisis, there was a feeling that healthcare was recession-proof and there would always be a demand for medical offices, no matter what happens to the rest of the economy.

While this is not true everywhere, the southern Nevada doctor’s office industry has more than weathered the pandemic. In fact, the wave of emergency care centers and micro-hospitals built here in recent years has continued into 2021.

One of the reasons for this trend is that Nevada’s population continues to age, with 13% of the state’s population now over the age of 65 and the number of Nevadans 85 and over increasing 78% in the past. over the past decade. These demographics are contributing to the increase in demand for health care locally and nationally. According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, between 2020 and 2027, healthcare spending is expected to increase by $ 1.9 trillion in the United States alone.

Michael Nigro, president of Nigro Construction, said his company is seeing more and more healthcare providers interested in modernizing their space and recognizing the economic and other benefits of owning their own facilities.

“There are significant tax advantages to owning your own building, said Nigro. “Mortgages are often less than or comparable to renting a space, and the ability to build a facility to suit their specialty is a huge advantage for physicians. “

According to Nigro, more and more doctors and medical groups are coming together to build facilities ranging from 5,000 to 10,000 square feet. Due to cost savings and increased control, more and more surgeons and physicians want to step out of the hospital environment and create a better patient experience in their own “tailor-made” facilities.

Nigro Construction is among the few contractors in Southern Nevada equipped to meet these needs, with an overview of the regulations and requirements involved in building such facilities. In 2020 alone, Nigro completed nearly 50,000 square feet of local medical projects.

Last year, Nigro Construction completed several medical facilities in southern Nevada, including the 10,378 square foot advanced orthopedic physiotherapy center; the 6,000 square foot Pain Care and Wellness Center; the 1,285 square foot desert cardiovascular facility; the 13,000 square foot Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Surgery; the 2,766 square foot Matt Smith physiotherapy office at Rainbow Commons; the 11,688 square foot Surgical Surgery Center; and the 3,866 square foot Vera Whole Health.

Healthcare providers say that the proper design and construction of these facilities helps them provide a better experience for their patients.

“We have found that many of our customers are looking to design with improved efficiency and from a design perspective,” explained Nigro. “For example, there is no longer a need to create archive rooms due to new technology. This allows for a better flow of patients.

With regulations related to the construction and operation of medical projects being strict and often complex, Nigro said his company has created a team capable of completing a surgery center and clinic with minimal corrections during inspections.

About Nigro Construction

Family owned and operated, Nigro Construction has been building quality retail, commercial, hotel, specialty and medical properties for over 40 years in the Las Vegas Valley. Founded by Edward M. Nigro in 1979, the company is a second generation company dedicated to quality and innovation in construction. Growing up in the construction industry, learning the trade from their father, Todd Nigro and Michael Nigro, along with Charles Hansen, bring their expertise to the fore as directors of the company. These industry leaders have nearly 100 years of combined expertise as they carry on the legacy of commitment to advanced architectural design standards and superior customer service upon which the company was founded. Visit nigroconstruction.com for more information.

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