Various district offices have established check-in points along the Saen Saep Canal


Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) is moving forward with development to further improve the landscape along the Saen Saep Canal and its side canals as well as the surrounding areas.

Ms. Silapasuai Rawisaengsun, permanent secretary of BMA, revealed that various district offices have formulated plans to develop and improve the landscape of the Saen Saep canal, its secondary canals and the surrounding areas to become a new tourist attraction where the inhabitants of the locality can also use for recreational purposes.

For example, the Phathum Wan District Office upgraded the area along the walkways of the Saen Saep Canal to the Saphan Hua Chang Pier to make it a Street Art tourist attraction by using murals or graffiti to entice visitors to come and take pictures. The Vadhana District Office developed and painted canal side walkways around the Ban Don Mosque pier so that people could use them for running and exercise. The Suan Luang District Office improved the landscape around Ramnueng Pier by building footbridges along the Saen Saep Canal to become a check-in point at Khlong Tan (Tan Canal) and Saen Seap Canal.

The development of the Saen Saep canal and its secondary canals covers the areas of 21 neighborhoods which can be divided into the following dimensions: environmental dimension such as waste management, city order and quality monitoring of the city. water ; Quality of life dimension such as safety and security of life and property and convenience of travel; Social dimension such as participation of all sectors and community relations; and economic dimension such as the development of tourist attractions and tourist routes.

In this regard, Ms. Silapasuai said that BMA would like to request a kind cooperation from the public to be part of the efforts to restore and bring back a good environment to the Saen Saep Canal by not dumping garbage in public water bodies and by not constructing buildings that encroach on the canal. For the people who live along the canal, they are asked to improve their dwellings, buildings and houses so that they are well organized, pleasant and tidy, and do not discharge sewage into the canal. This aims to make the Saen Seap Canal beautiful and clean to live up to Bangkok’s major canal status.

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