UH Maui College Courses Offered to Maunakea Students

Like here, but on the mauna

It’s back to school, and as keiki across the state clean the sand from their slippahs and head to class, students in the University of Hawaii’s college system are signing up for classes and getting ready for a new semester. But with the deadline for construction to begin on the controversial Thirty Meter Telescope project extended to September 2021, it would appear that the many UH students who joined the kia’i at Maunakea to shut down the Thirty Meter Telescope meters face a tough decision: stay on mauna for the long haul or graduate from college.

That is, until University of Hawaii instructors and professors began to organize a list of courses that students staying at Maunakea could take.

“Much like everything that grew on Mauna, it kind of happened. There is a need for someone to plant the seed, and it grows very fast, said Kahele Dukelow, Assistant Professor of Hawaiian Studies at UH Maui College who helped organize the class lists. “Someone posted, someone replied, and we posted a Google form. Next time I looked at it, there were 60 offers, then 80, then 100, and now there are 180 different classes on different campuses and disciplines.

Classes include online offerings, study and directed readings, as well as classes that will be taught in person by teachers also on the mauna, Dukelow said, adding that a new satellite dish had just been hooked up to allow Internet use. UH faculty will even be in Maunakea on Monday helping students enroll. In a statement to HNN, the University of Hawai’i acknowledged seeing the course listing. “University of Hawaii campuses have released course availability for the upcoming semester. We anticipate that the scheduled classes will be taught as officially described,” he said. “Students are getting ready to start the academic year and have made plans around those times.”

Subjects offered by Maui College instructors include English, Business, Sustainable Science, Math, Geography, Music, Pharmacy, Economics, and Hawaiian Studies. To learn more about these course offerings, email kaheleon@hawaii.edu or click here.




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