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Lucknow: Students at a Bahrain District public school look forward to entering their classrooms every day. And once they do, their eyes are riveted on the chalkboard, looking at the magnificent sketches of great inspiring personalities, freedom fighters and soldiers who gave their lives for the nation.
The credit for having aroused the interest of the students of the Malangpuwva composite school for the Balwa block of Bahraich goes to the science teacher Arun Kumar, who draws on the board sketches of warriors, great personalities, in particular those who are fought for the freedom of India, as an innovative method. to encourage students to attend school regularly.
“Five years ago, when I joined this school, almost no student came to class. Even those who were registered did not show up for class. So I decided to use art as a tool to attract kids to school and bring about social change, ”Kumar said.
In 2017, Kumar bought a chalkboard and practiced drawing different sketches throughout the summer vacation.
“The icing on the cake was Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s decision to keep schools open on birthdays of major personalities and to teach children about them, instead of declaring it a public holiday.” , he added.
Now the students themselves keep track of special dates and are eager to learn more about famous and inspiring people.
Kumar’s sketches on Mahatma Gandhi’s Independence Day and Birthday Anniversary and the stories he told left students in awe.
“We are now looking forward to coming to school. Thanks to our teacher’s sketches, we discover famous personalities and forgotten heroes, ”said Momina, a class VIII student.
The students pay homage and the stories instill in them a sense of unity and patriotism. “In three years, the number of students registered and attending classes has doubled. There were only 60 students in 2017 and not even half of them came to school. Today there are 150 students and over 80% go to school, ”Kumar said.


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