School Enrollment Unexpectedly Rises in Eagle River | Local news


District administrator Scott Foster knows what attracts families to the Northland Pines School District.

Whatever a kid or student wants to do after high school, we really have options and opportunities for them, ”said Foster.

Even though last year was different due to the pandemic, Foster says the kids were still able to be successful. Just when Foster thought he could predict what the year would bring, something unexpected happened in the school district this year.

In a few weeks, the hallways will be full of students. And Foster says there will be more students than usual this year. Over the past year, it wasn’t just the options and opportunities that Foster says have brought families to the area.

Since the pandemic, we have seen an unexpected increase in enrollments, ”said Foster.

The trend started last year. Foster says that each month the district sees more students. This year, Foster has seen a jump of 80 students from last year. Foster says families realized they could live in a rural place like the Northwoods while still giving their children a good education.

I think our communities are a great place for people to raise families, and we also have great schools across the Northwoods, ”said Foster.

On the other hand, Lakeland Union High School in Minocqua has not seen an increase in enrollment, despite rumors. The high school has 20 more children this year because the incoming freshman class is larger than the outgoing 12th grade class. Although Foster is excited about the increase in registrations, he remains cautious as the year begins.

I think everyone is a little nervous, Foster said. I think I just came out of COVID last year, “I think our staff and students have been trying to really relax a bit more this summer than in the past.”

Despite the challenges of the pandemic, Foster, staff, and students look forward to another school year that promises to be a little more normal.


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