More Biglaw firms set to fully reopen their offices in January 2022


One by one, Biglaw’s cabinets are announcing their plans to return offices “after” the pandemic, and many are now settling in January 2022 for their mass reopenings.

We’ll start today’s coverage with news from Gibson Dunn & Crutcher. The firm originally planned to welcome employees back to the office on September 13, granting them the autonomy to work remotely “whenever appropriate”, as such flexibility is necessary for lawyers to have “a life.” full, well balanced and happy ”. The company then postponed that reopening date until October, then pushed back its October plans to an unspecified future date.

Earlier this week, Gibson Dunn announced that the future date would be January 10, 2022. Managing partner Barbara Becker confirmed these plans with the US attorney, noting the firm would proceed as planned, barring “unforeseen circumstances.” . Many lawyers have already returned to the office and some practice groups have arranged specific weekdays where they will meet in person.

Kramer Levin, who originally planned to return to office at the end of September, will now reopen in full, starting January 4, 2022. Before that, the firm will have a period of “reorientation”, during which lawyers and staff work. at the office at least one day a week. The first period of reorientation of the cabinet will take place from November 1 to 12. Here is a relevant excerpt from the firm’s note:

Our goal in reorientation is to accompany your return to the office and ensure that everyone is fully operational on January 4, 2022. We also hope that during this period you will reconnect with colleagues and meet new colleagues who have joined the firm since March 2020.

Remember that to enter the office, you must be fully vaccinated and have uploaded proof of vaccination in the Eden Health app. If you have any questions about vaccinations, please contact [redacted].

For Biglaw firms that have been forced to postpone their plans to reopen, it looks like the New Year will be full of excitement (mixed with the anxiety some may feel about returning to the office in a whole new world. ).

What has your business announced regarding a reopening plan? The more information there is, the more likely it is that companies will be able to establish a market standard for a return to work.

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As soon as you know the plan to reopen your business, please send us an email (subject: “[Firm Name] Reopening of offices ) or send us an SMS at (646) 820-8477. We always keep our sources on the stories anonymous. It is not necessary to send a memo (if it exists) using your corporate email account; your personal email account is fine. If a note has been distributed, be sure to include it as proof; we like to post full memos as a service to our readers. You can take a photo of the memo and attach it as an image if you are worried about the metadata in a PDF or Word file. Thank you.

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