Fulton Schools partners with Auburn to offer college tuition


Auburn University will provide instructors for college courses at North and South Fulton Urban Learning Centers in partnership with Fulton County Schools.

Superintendent of Schools Mike Looney told the Fulton School Board at its September 30 meeting that he could confirm the partnership. He said they have yet to work out program details with the University of Alabama.

Superintendent of Schools Mike Looney made the announcement at the September 30 FCS school board meeting.

“Students who would typically have to pay out-of-state tuition will only have to pay in-state tuition,” he said.

For some students who might think college is out of reach, the program offers an opportunity.

“Students who qualify for a free or reduced lunch will be eligible for free tuition at Auburn University for up to 24 hours. [credit] hours, Looney said.

He said it might exist, but he didn’t know of any other school system partnering with an out-of-state university, especially one with a reputation for STEM, architectural engineering, and education.

“I think we’re going to be very proud of that. And I’m thrilled to announce that our students across Fulton County will be eligible for this program,” he said.

Alpharetta city officials and board members, including Katie Reeves, have helped achieve that goal, Looney said.


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