Fight against “self-service” holders of public office


… PLP political leader Daniel E. Cassell urges Liberians

Dr Daniel E. Casse of the People’s Liberation Party (PLP) has declared advocacy war on failed and greedy Liberian politicians who have spent decades in politics deceiving eligible voters during election times to satisfy their personal aggrandizement.

In a press statement, Dr Cassell called on Liberians to watch out for those failed “selfish” politicians who are only visible during election time to lure them in with finances and other material things to elect them.

He observed that for too long the vast majority of Liberian politicians have played and continue to play on the minds of the citizens.

He made the comments when dozens of residents of the PHP community in Monrovia pledged to work with him to advance the community and Liberia as a whole. haveDr. Cassell noted that most of these politicians have nothing to show or label as tangible, despite having spent decades in politics, which benefits them and their respective family members.

“Politicians have played with your lives; the moment they want your votes is the moment when they can come to you and woo you. When someone says they love you and take care of you when you have problems, they will be there; they will not wait for the elections. This fight, I fight it like this; I don’t fight for myself. It is because of you that I am fighting. I want you to join me and the PLP, let’s work together to transform the lives of mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and children and let’s say enough is enough .

He stressed that his ambition to run for the Liberian presidency is not meant to acquire a job in the public sector or to embezzle public funds, but it is a response to God’s call to help transform Liberia and its citizens.

“In 2017, I was doing humanitarian works because that’s what God wanted me to do and I still do. But the changes we need in this country can only happen through politics. This is why God asked me to play politics to change our country and the lives of our people. All they can say is that I’ve been in politics for 20 or 30 years, but they (failed politicians) haven’t done anything ”.

He noted that these failed politicians, some of whom now serve in government, are not civil servants, but are “self-servants” only in public office to amass wealth at the expense of those who elected them.

Dr Cassell indicated that more often than not these officials, who are supposed to work and serve in the interest of the citizens, are determined only to amass wealth while those who have stood in the rain and sun for them elect continue to suffer.

He pointed out that it is quite frustrating and disappointing for these failing officials to come back during the election period to distribute their ill-gotten resources to electorates through different means and forms.

He observed that most of these officials continue to “turn a deaf ear” to the suffering facing the Liberian people, even though addressing some of these challenges is within the scope of their duties and responsibilities.

Meanwhile, Dr Cassell pledged to be the voice of the voiceless and the strength of the weak in Liberia, noting that “we will continue to stand up for our people”.

“The suffering that our people are going through, the death that they are dying from simple diseases and diseases that are not meant to kill people, they are killing our people and they want us to be silent and these things keep happening. But I want you to know that whatever affects my country and my people, I will go there and fight ”.

He called on Liberians to continue to fight constructively against the evils of society, including social injustices, among others.

At the same time, Dr Cassell urged parents not to loosen the discipline of their children to prepare them for the future.

He added that despite the many challenges they continue to face, parents should strive and go the extra mile to provide educational opportunities for their children if they are to be successful in the future.

Dr Cassell recounted the many hardships his single mother faced after her father died at the age of eight.

He revealed that scholarship opportunities have been granted to him and his siblings, and as such he remains blessed and grateful to God for the compassion bestowed upon him to continue to offer scholarship opportunities to Liberian citizens in need, noting that “you don’t have to tell me your story because I have been through the same suffering as you.

“God sent me back to this country to make a difference. The things that I do are not because I am in politics ”.

He did, however, pledge 25 scholarships to children of less fortunate Liberian citizens residing in the PHP community, with a commitment to expanding the initiative and working with various groups to help meet their challenges.

In separate remarks, leaders of various youth, Muslim and women’s groups commended Dr Cassell for achieving and launching multiple initiatives designed to tackle economic constraints and other hardships that citizens face. across Liberia.
They further pledged to support the dream of Dr Cassell and his political institution.

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