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Northlink College is one of the best institutions in Cape Town, South Africa. It offers quality education, which makes it a great choice for most people looking to expand their knowledge in various fields. The problem, however, is that most people aren’t familiar with Northlink’s college courses. Therefore, you might find a student who doesn’t choose their dream course just because they don’t know if it is offered at that institution. There are many full-time and part-time courses offered at Northlink.

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Have you decided to join Northlink College and are not aware of Northlink College courses? Do not worry. Take a look at the programs offered at Northlink TVET College.

Northlink College Full-Time Course

Below is a list of the courses offered at Northlink College and the qualification type of each course:

Engineering course

Northlink course
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  • Civil engineering and building construction Level 2-4 Belhar-National certificate
  • Engineering and related design: level 2-4 Wingfield-NC (V)
  • Engineering and related design: level 2-4 Bellville-National certificate
  • Engineering studies Building and civil construction N1-N3-National certificate
  • Electrical engineering studies (strong current) N1-N3-National certificate
  • Engineering studies: Mechanical N1-N3 (Wingfield) -National certificate
  • Engineering Studies: Building & Civil Construction N4-N6-National Diploma
  • Engineering studies: Electricity (strong current) N4-N6-National diploma
  • Engineering studies: Electricity (light current) N1-N3 (Electronics) – National certificate
  • Engineering studies: Mechanics N1-N3 (Bellville) -National certificate
  • Engineering studies: Mechanics N4-N6-National Diploma

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Hospitality courses

  • Hotel and catering N4-N6-National Diploma
  • Hospitality AND City & Guilds Diploma in Catering / Reception Services / Accommodation – National Diploma
  • Hospitality AND City & Guilds Diploma in Pastry and Culinary Arts-National Diploma
  • Hospitality level 2-4-NC (V)

Marketing course

  • Marketing level 2-4-NC (V)
  • Marketing Management N4-N6-National Diploma
  • Management course:
  • Management assistant N4-N6-National Diploma
  • National Diploma in Human Resources Management N4-N6
  • Public management N4-N6-National Diploma
  • National Diploma in Business Management N4-N6
  • Financial Management N4-N6-National Diploma

Tourism course

  • Diploma of Tourism and City Corporations in International Tourism – National Diploma
  • Tourism Level 2-4-NC (V)
  • Tourism N4-N6-National Diploma


Northlink college parow
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  • National Certificate Sport Management NQF Level 5-National Certificate
  • Clothing production N4-N6-National Diploma
  • Educare N4-N6-National Diploma
  • Construction of electrical infrastructure level 2-4-national certificate
  • National Level 2 Certificate in Hair Care
  • Safety in society Level 2-4-NC (V)
  • Sport Fitness (exercise specialist) – National diploma
  • Legal Secretary N4-N6-National Diploma
  • Primary health level 2-4-NC (V)
  • Office Administration Level 2-4-NC (V)
  • Pearson (United Kingdom) National Higher Diploma: Performing Arts QCF Level 5 Internal Diploma

Short course at Northlink

The college offers short-term or part-time courses in five of the seven campuses. Short-term business studies can be acquired at the Protea and Tygerberg campuses. Short-term engineering courses are offered at the Bellville and Goodwood campuses. Therefore, don’t go and check out a part-time engineering course at Northlink College Parow. The list of programs offered on this institution’s campuses includes:

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Wingfield Campus

Northlink course
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  • Engineering and related design, assembly and turning
  • Assembly & Machining
  • Manufacture of tools, jigs and dies
  • Mechanical
  • Electric (electronic) light current
  • Practical Workshops Course (CBMT)
  • CNC machining
  • Mechatronics
  • Short skills (Engineering)
  • Learning and learning

Protéa Campus

short course
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  • Clothing manufacturing
  • Marketing
  • Hospitality
  • Part-time studies NC (V)
  • Tourism
  • Finance, economics and accounting

Parow Campus

  • Cosmetology
  • Primary health
  • Administration office
  • Safety in society
  • Short skills Hair care
  • Short skills Hair cosmetology

Belhar Campus

Northlink college parow
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  • Electric (heavy and current)
  • CBMT: Masonry
  • Electrical infrastructure and construction NC (V)
  • Building and civil construction NC (V)
  • CBMT: Carpentry & Woodworking
  • CBMT: Plumbing
  • CBMT: Carpentry
  • CBMT: Electric
  • Part-time studies: Electricity
  • CBMT: Painting & Decoration
  • Learning and learning
  • Short skills (building)
  • Solar thermal renewable energy technology

Bellville Campus

northlink college full time course
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  • Automotive Electrician (Autotronics)
  • Diesel mechanic
  • Auto body repair
  • Boilerwork
  • Part-time studies
  • Welding
  • Engine Mechanic
  • Autocad 2D and 3D
  • Diesel adjuster
  • Spray paint
  • Short skills (Engineering)
  • Learning and learning

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Goodwood campus

  • Educare
  • Part-time studies (engineering studies)
  • Distance learning (Educare)
  • Early childhood development
  • Distance learning (engineering studies

Tygerberg Campus

northlink college courses 2021
Northlink College. Photo: @northlink
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  • Business management
  • Introduction to Business Studies
  • Financial direction
  • Business Management
  • Food and drinks / Reception / Accommodation services
  • Management assistant
  • Food preparation and culinary arts
  • Public Management
  • Hospitality and catering services
  • Performing arts
  • English for foreigners
  • PC & Network Technician Plus
  • Human Resource Management
  • Sports training
  • Sporty fitness
  • Tourism
  • Part-time studies
  • Sports administration

Northlink College Fees

The fees that a student pays at Northlink College are highly depends on the course we take and its level. However, the underlying factor for all students is that they must clear all fees before getting the green light to take the national exam.

There are several programs in this institution and in various fields. Northlink’s college courses ensure that every student has a platform to pursue whatever they desire. This means that in this college there is something for everyone.

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