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OOne of the truest signs of success is adaptability. If you can pivot in times of crisis, you will be able to adapt to all the changes and all the ups and downs that life throws at you, and an example of adaptability is by Briotech range of customized HOCl products. HOCl is ideal for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces in offices and schools, but it is also an electrolyzed, antimicrobial and biocidal solution that inactivates pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, spores and fungi, and for this reason, HOCl enables safe healing of wounds in hospitals, family homes and even in the remote jungles of Myanmar.

Briotech’s gentle HOCl formula recently helped an elephant in the Myanmar jungle. Photo courtesy: Briotech

Cynthia Varela, co-founder of Briotech, explains that they have “received positive feedback from those who have used our BrioHOCl to nebulize and treat horse leg injuries, as well as those who have used it to treat stitches. and bad breath in dogs!But more recently, he helped an Asian elephant named Shwe Thaw recover from a traumatic leg injury to the point that he was finally able to walk again when fitted with a custom prosthesis .

Shwe Thaw had his hind leg amputated two years ago following a fight with another elephant. Since then, his caretakers had been battling persistent, non-healing wounds on the affected area. Due to the infection, Shwe Thaw was unable to walk, forcing him to remain tied up at a designated elephant camp.

“Dr. Moe Zaw, Medical Director of BriotechX, along with another associate from our Asia partnership, were hiking with their children when they came across the elephant camp to find Shwe Thaw tied up in an open barn. “says Dr. Eric Rasmussen, Briotech’s medical director. Officer. “They saw the wound, recognized that Briotech could help, and administered the first spray of BrioHOCl.”

Briotech-HOCL elephant amputation
Shwe Thaw had to be amputated after a fight with another elephant and the site of the injury was not healing properly. Photo courtesy: Briotech

“To move forward in the care of Shwe Thaw, our associates have arranged to provide the elephant camp with a supply of Briotech product to treat the wound for as long as needed and local carers, in turn, have agreed. to administer BrioHOCl saturation spray on a normal schedule. Although our partners appealed to an elephant sanctuary in Thailand for help, recent civil unrest in Myanmar forced the vets at the sanctuary to refuse, so Shwe Thaw’s only treatment was BrioHOCl.

Despite two years of previously unsuccessful efforts to heal the injury, Briotech succeeded. “Regular, daily spraying with BrioHOCl closed the wound within four months,” shares Rasmussen. “Shwe Thaw has now been fitted with his artificial leg, hosted by our partners BriotechX in Asia. His tethers have been removed and after two years of immobility and chronic pain, he is able to walk again.

Shwe Thaw’s prosthetic leg is the first of its kind in Myanmar and the camp’s experienced vet fashioned it himself from YouTube videos of a similar case in Thailand.

Briotech-HOCL -Elephant-First-spray-de-Brio
After careful application of HOCl from Briotech, the wound closed and he was able to be fitted with a custom-made prosthesis. Photo courtesy: Briotech

“This case, through a somewhat untraditional use of Briotech’s safe and effective formula, reminds me of something we’ve been verbalizing here at our company since day one, ‘Always happy to help’, and here we see this applies to all mammals, says Varela.

Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) is produced naturally in the body’s white blood cells as part of our internal defense system which fights infections and pathogens, reduces inflammation and helps us heal. Briotech formulations, a pure biomimicry of natural HOCl, have achieved several scientific breakthroughs and are safely manufactured in EPA and FDA registered facilities.

“HOCl is touted to be 100 times more powerful than bleach when it comes to fighting bacteria,” the doctors at the The Cleveland Clinic Explains. “The best part, though? HOCl is non-toxic and handles that hard work while being incredibly gentle on your skin. This sweetness is a byproduct of being naturally produced by your body’s immune system. The buzz around hypochlorous acid (HOCl) has grown by leaps and bounds over the past year given its verified potency as a disinfectant against COVID-19.

For wound care, even extreme cases like Shwe Thaw, healing is not slowed by discomfort like with some medications. Instead of the sting of alcohol or the unpleasant fizz of peroxide, HOCl doesn’t bubble and sting and will not aggravate tissue damage at the site.

With his new metal member, Shwe Thaw is now mobile, healthy and happy thanks to Briotech. Photo courtesy: Briotech

And with the endangered Asian elephants that have suffered a 50% population decline in the last 75 years and less than 40,000 left in the wild according to National Geographicanything we can do to help these gentle giants is a real blessing.

Want to try Briotech’s HOCl cleaners and formulas yourself? You can buy them through their website, Amazon and Home deposit. They offer Super oxidant saline solution like an oral whistle, a Surface Cleaner + Air Pro which can be used to clean and deodorize surfaces, and Briotech Topical Skin Spray, their flagship cosmetic product that treats skin blemishes, acts as an exfoliator and as an anti-wrinkle remedy to reduce fine lines and scars. To safely soothe discomfort when cleaning superficial abrasions and minor scrapes, try their new Abrasia BrioCare Gel a gentle, sting-free serum that provides immediate relief from dry patches, bumps and itchiness

Life teaches us to expect the unexpected. Our adaptability is what keeps us safe, sane and happy. Thanks to Briotech’s lines of cleaners and HOCl products, even Shwe Thaw the Elephant can now boldly step into the future…no matter what that may bring.


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