Award-winning start-up opens new offices in Limerick


An award-winning, industry-leading global software company has moved to new offices in the city of Limerick after a successful start-up at LIT’s Hartnett Center.

Trackplan, an innovative facilities management software company, moved to the city center this week after a year of significant growth.

The company, which has been based at LIT’s Hartnett Enterprise Acceleration Center for six years, won the startup of the year award in 2017 with Enterprise Ireland’s New Frontier program.

Trackplan CEO and Founder Mark Cochrane said: “I have wanted to start my own business for some time and being part of the new Frontiers with LIT program has given me the support I needed to develop and develop Trackplan. Six years later the company has organically grown into a team of seven talented and skilled developers that I have been able to employ in Ireland and abroad.

Trackplan provides software to facility or maintenance managers to manage and record reactive or scheduled day-to-day maintenance tasks, from boiler repairs to window repairs.

The company now has nearly 50 customers around the world, including the Australian Open (tennis), Saudi Aerospace and the Royal College of Surgeons.

“We are delighted to open a new chapter at Trackplan in the heart of Limerick city. I have a great sense of pride in Limerick and want to see it continue to thrive. As Trackplan grew, it made sense to locate our new office in the city center. I will miss LIT dearly, ”added Mark.

Now a resident of Treaty City for nine years, Mark joins Barry Lunn of Arralis, Adrian Fleming of Accuvio and Hannah Wrixon of Get The Shifts, as new additions to the list of successful entrepreneurs at LIT’s Hartnett Enterprise Acceleration Center.

Head of Innovation and Enterprise at LIT, Gillian Barry welcomed the move. “Since winning the Startup of the Year award with our New Frontiers program, Mark has grown from a compelling opportunity to a global company. Mark has gradually grown Trackplan into a global company large enough to move out of the city center and move to the city of Limerick, ”she said, adding:“ We look forward to continuing to engage with Mark and the ‘team and work with the next generation of inspired startups who will be based with us at the Hartnett Center, ”she continued.

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