Assembly passes Queens lawmaker’s bill that would simplify school enrollment for military families –


Photo courtesy of MP Braunstein’s office

A new bill recently passed by the State Assembly would help simplify school enrollment for children of military families.

Moved by MP Edward Braunstein, Bill A.6528-A allows military families moving to New York State to enroll their children in school before physically arriving in the neighborhood. The bill was officially passed on May 19 in the middle of Military Appreciation Month and before Memorial Day.

According to statistics from the United States Department of Defense, the average child in a military family will move between six and nine times during their time in school. More than 185,000 military children move from school to school each year, leaving many missing important enrollment, application or extracurricular enrollment periods. The bill would allow children of military personnel to start school at the same time as their peers, giving them a sense of normalcy.

“As we prepare to honor those servicemen who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country on this Memorial Day, I am proud to advance legislation that seeks to alleviate the challenges that servicemen and their families face due to frequent relocations. Braunstein said. “This important legislation would help provide military children with the best possible educational experience while they and their families reside in New York State.”

If the bill is enacted, New York would become the 25th state to adopt a policy for military children to ensure their uninterrupted education and timely graduation.

“With more than 16,500 active-duty military school-age children attending school in this state, New York is in a unique position to positively impact the educational experiences of military children and families by enacting this legislation. We are grateful to Assembly Member Ed Braunstein, who represents Fort Totten, for helping to lead this important legislation through the Assembly, ”the US Department of Defense wrote in a memorandum of support to the Assembly. law Project.

The accompanying bill is brought to the State Senate by Senator James Skoufis.

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