Money now! How and where to get it in 2018

Money is already possible

Getting money already requires, almost irremediably, requesting microcredits online. The great advantage of these loans instantly is that, as the name suggests, you have the money right now. Of course, better compare before choosing, because the prices of the interests go, from free, to frankly expensive.

Most of the fast microcredit companies show this circumstance in all their advertisements. It is very easy that as soon as you enter their websites we see big headlines with the phrase Dinero ¡Ya! 

Of course, this is done under the cover of a very powerful reason: the potential client who goes to their websites is, with complete certainty, someone who looks for money and looks for it for now .

Many lenders will deposit the capital in less than 24 hours, some in minutes, as in the case of Vivus , Dineo , Creditea or Solcrédito , the last two also grant the money with ASNEF. By the way, if you are in ASNEF and you want to choose an entity among those that do not take it into account, you can find them all together in the comparison of micro loans with ASNEF (click to go) .

The other side of this publicity is that, while they offer you an advantage that comes from pearls, the well-known “money already”, it takes time for you to think twice. It may be true, in fact it is, that you will have that little capital right away but that should not make you careless about your precautions .

A good place to start, is our post about free loans , when it is the first time you request the particular financial company (and that you have this offer, of course). In all of them, the maximum amount will be for a loan of 300 euros

Money already, but well informed and knowing what you contract

Look for alternatives, if you think it’s better for you

To start you can take a look at our article Other ways to get money fast (and should not) , it is possible that one adapts to your situation.

Then, once proven that there is no choice but to ask for a Quick Money credit, we must be conscientious with whom and under what conditions we will hire it. We may need the money already but a few minutes to check the different offers and small letters, they become obligatory. Now that has to be already!

The basic information is the one that will give you security in the operation. The party that lends the money, I assure you that it will check exhaustively that this operation is well closed and well tied. Maybe you’re interested in keeping an eye on the Consumer Credit Law , before jumping into the pool.

In the search for that information we can help you, read on and find out which trusted financiers, serious brands that can lend you that money. If you have come to this article looking for money already , it is that you have an urgent matter to solve, and in that situation the security of choosing well is important.

Money already with ASNEF

How to get money urgently if I am in ASNEF , that is a recurring question among our public. They run the times that run and who else and who less has had some problem that has led him to a record of defaulters. If that is your case you will already know that it is not easy to get easy and fast money in that situation. It is not, we will not cheat you. But it is not impossible either. We have said many times, you can get Fast Money while at ASNEF, we do not want to repeat again and again. If this is your case, if you are in the well-known register of defaulters or in RAI or any other, it is best to read our article about fast money with ASNEF , where you will surely find the information you are looking for, in this case personal loans with ASNEF , and that will bring you a little closer to that money that you already need and that you do not know where to get.

Money no longer payroll

One of the most common questions that users of our website ask us is how to get money urgently if they do not have work or payroll with which to be able to guarantee to the microcredit lender the return of the capital within the stipulated period. And our answer is always the same.

It is not necessary to have a payroll to access a small, or not so small, amount of money fast. It is enough that you can justify some type of income, such as the unemployment benefit if you are unemployed or, of course, your retirement pay. Sometimes this last one has more weight than a payroll, since nowadays no job is safe and this the financial ones know it. On the other hand, retirement is harder to lose. They are insured income.

Maybe you are not in either of these two groups, unemployed and retired and you want to know if you can also get money now. We recommend that you read our article about getting fast money without payroll, in which we talk about the most advisable financial ones for your particular case. If you are collecting unemployment, or perhaps a subsidy, you may be interested in our article about unemployed loans , where we tell you how to get yours.

Money already without endorsement

If you need money already but you have no guarantee or guarantee to contribute you can also get it. Microloan financiers will not ask for great conditions or explanations. The only thing they really want is for you to return the money within the deadline. They are not interested in keeping your assets or implicating third parties how the guarantors can be. In our article private equity loans without endorsement (click to go) you have information about the entities that grant loans without endorsement. And if in addition to not having an endorsement, you do not have a salary either, surely you are interested in the article to get fast loans without payroll or endorsement , in which we give an answer to a person who is in your same situation.

Money no longer questions

The questions … how it bothers us to have to give explanations about our life and, above all, about our finances. One feels sometimes a little “humiliated”, to put a name to it, when the banks begin to search and look for our expenses and our fees to pay. It is not pleasant for anyone to have to explain why we can not cope with that unexpected expense that has turned our monthly forecast upside down.

If there is something good about the Quick Money financial institutions, they just ask questions . Obtaining the money is usually through simple forms in which you have to fill in your personal information, put a bank account number to enter the mini loan and little else. If you are one of those people who do not like questions, if it bothers you to inquire into your finances, you should know that you can get fast credits just by presenting your ID or NIE , easily and without questions .

We have tried in this article to publicize the ways to get money already in the most common situations that we find ourselves every day but if you are not in any of those cases and you are looking for information to get easy and fast money, we recommend that you visit our Quick credit comparison , by clicking on the button below these lines:

Teach me what quick credits there are

Get money already with responsibility

It is clear and it is more than evident with the offers of “money already”, that the world of the credit entities does not stop taking steps forward to provide us those extra punctual expenses that come to us without previous warning.

However, we must bear in mind that the money already or any other type of credit has a cost (unless it is your first free mini credit in some specific entities).

Therefore, before hiring anything, we suggest you take a look at the next point, in which we provide a series of steps so that there are no unpleasant surprises once you have committed to the application for the loan of money already.

Small tips for hiring money already

As we have been telling you, it is a fact that financial institutions increasingly get more and new offers that please the consumer, of course. Even, more than pleasing, you need for emergencies and unforeseen events that did not count at that time. Or it can simply be an extra money you need at that moment. Be that as it may, money is a reality.

What the Quick Money Team wants to convey to you with this point is that when hiring any type of credit or mini loan it is clear that you have to have things safe and clear to avoid disappointment later on. Therefore, we will give you 3 small tips, as a recommendation, to avoid a possible bad drink.

  • Inform yourself: first of all you must be cautious. Therefore, you should read and search in all the sites that occur to you about the credit offer that interests you the most at that time, in this case the money already .
  • Compare: once you have all the offers on the table, you should compare them. How do you do it? Looking for answers to several questions such as: Which one is cheaper? Which one has a return period that fits my current situation? Which one meets the requirements I need at this moment? Being at ASNEF , not having endorsement, not having payroll or income, etc.-.
  • Decide: and the final step is very simple. You just have to make sure that you have not made a mistake in your information searches and, finally, verify that you also meet the requirements of the entity that you are going to hire: if your nationality is what is required of you, if your age is the minimum that they require to formalize the loan, if you have the documentation that they ask for … etc.

Remember that these tips are not obligatory steps. But they are not laborious and you can save yourself some displeasure, because the breach of any of the clauses of the contract can suppose you, for example, a quite high increase in commission costs. Therefore, we recommend that you keep these tips in mind, to avoid any problem.

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