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In this post we bring you the query of a user who writes us asking if it is possible to request credits to be repaid in 12 months. You want to know more? You have found the web you need:

El Dinero Rápido Consultas

loan to repay in 12 months

Hello !, I’m Sergio from Barcelona and I would like to know if it is possible to apply for loans to pay in 12 months in total . I would need 800 euros, besides, I’m working (so I have a payroll), and I’m not in ASNEF. What are the financials where to get a loan to repay in a year? Thank you!

Credit in 12 months: Where to get it?

If we need to request a loan in 12 months as our user Sergio asks us, we have at our disposal several entities that offer us this loan service.

Next we will see which are the financial where we can get a loan to return in 1 year:


Zaplo créditos a 12 meses

  • It offers: From € 300 to € 2,500 (With a limitation of € 800 on the 1st application )
  • Refund: Minimum 3 months – Maximum 24 months
  • You can choose the amount of monthly payments
  • Without endorsement

Younited Credit

Younited Credit Logo

  • It offers you: From € 1000 to € 40,000
  • Refund: Minimum 24 months – Maximum 72 months
  • Variable APR of 6.95% up to 19.90%
  • Opening commissions from 0% to 12%
  • Do not accept applications with ASNEF

Loans to be repaid in 12 months with ASNEF

If this is your case, you can also request a loan to be repaid in 12 months by being in ASNEF, here:



  • It offers: From € 500 to € 5,000
  • Refund: 61 days minimum – 36 months maximum
  • Accept profiles with annotations in ASNEF or RAI
  • After approving your request, you receive the deposit in 15 minutes

Although it is not exactly the query sent to us by Sergio, there is also the possibility that what we need are 12-month loans with ASNEF , financing to which we can have access even when our personal data are included in files associated with late payment

As we can see, nowadays we can obtain loans with ASNEF with the same facilities as any other type of loan, since there are entities that offer this service, without this characteristic being an exclusionary reason that does not allow us to request the loan. A perfect example of this is found within what Creditea proposes and we told you a little above.

I am looking for quick credits to return in 3 months: Do these platforms serve me?

If we want to lighten the process and pay the amount borrowed in less time, as, for example, would be the case of quick loans to return in 3 months , we also have options within several of the platforms that are part of our comparator.

In the case that we are interested in obtaining financing to return it in a period of less than twelve months, we have to opt for the proposals that we find within Zaplo or Creditea , since these are for now the platforms that offer us a lapse of shorter time to pay all the money borrowed as soon as possible.

We must bear in mind that the platforms that offer us loans to pay during a year are used to offer financing for amounts of money that are far from what we can obtain through a mini credit. As a result, the return periods are also longer.

However, we must know that if interested in obtaining a quick credit to be repaid in 3-month installments, we can contract it through the mentioned platforms: Creditea and Zaplo.

How do loans to repay in installments work?

If we want to know exactly how the loans to repay in terms of one year work, we are in the right place , since we are going to talk about everything that implies the request of this service.

When we talk about one-year loans, we are referring to financing that allows us to have an amount of money to be repaid in installments, which are split into a total of 12 months.

In this way, if for example we request 2000 euros to be returned within a year, we would divide the amount to be returned in monthly installments with which we would pay an amount of 166 euros per month, plus the corresponding fees applied.

The credits to be repaid in installments are a source of financing with which we can get money for what we need , and that we can return comfortably month by month, adjusting to our monthly budget.

This service differs from mini loans in that apart from offering larger amounts of money, it allows us to pay in installments, instead of having to pay the entire amount borrowed in a single payment. This feature is one of the most striking features of the service, due to the convenience of being able to pay a small amount month after month to cover the total capital.

What if I stop paying my long-term credit?

Hiring a long-term loan requires a significant degree of commitment , since for twelve months (or as long as we need) we will have to pay a monthly fee that will be added to the total of our usual expenses.

The advantages of this service are in sight: Fast processing, financing for quite high amounts of capital and, in addition, convenience for the return paying month by month.

For this reason, one of the most important aspects that we must take into account before proceeding to make an application for installment credit is to foresee this new expense and be sure that we will be able to meet the monthly payments , until we finish pay the amount of our credit in full.

Otherwise, it is important to know that a possible non-payment of long-term fees will generate a progressive increase in the amount owed: The more months we stop paying, the higher will be the fees for non-payment that will be generated.

In addition, a non-payment over time will end up being communicated to delinquency lists such as ASNEF or RAI, preventing us in the future from contracting a loan service in installments (or any other financial service ) until we pay all the outstanding debt.

However, within many platforms we have options to be able to extend the payment of the monthly payments during a certain period of time. This alternative is much more advisable than to stop paying the installments.

How to request a mini credit to be repaid in 12 months?

Let’s see now how the process of applying for a mini loan to return in 12 months , a procedure that we can perform entirely online via the Internet, without leaving home, and without filling and reviewing an endless amount of paperwork.

All these characteristics offer us a good list of advantages but, nevertheless, they require good planning on our part since before processing our financing we have to take into account that during 12 months (or the period of time that we choose) we will have to add an extra expense to our monthly budget.

With this in mind, we will see step by step that we will find when processing the request of our mini-credit to return long-term for 12 months:

  • First, we must bear in mind that if we want to request a loan to pay in 6 months (or one year), we must know all the options that are within our reach and compare them, especially if we need to get a loan with ASNEF, since not all private lending companies offer us this feature.
  • Once we have found the financial entity that best fits the funding type we want to request, we will access your website.
  • Here we can find a small form in which we will have to enter the amount of money that we want to request through our credit, as well as the total of months that we want to have for the return of our loan. Once we have entered this information on the page, we can see how the total interest is automatically calculated that we will have to add to the total requested.
  • Once we have reviewed the total amount of money that we will have to repay in our loan to pay in 12 months, we will fill in a slightly more extensive form in which we will have to include very simple data, such as our full name, DNI or NIE, address, telephone number and account number.
  • With this information, the financial entity to which we are going to make our request, will be responsible for verifying that our profile as an applicant meets all the necessary requirements, as well as seeing that all the data is correct.
  • After this, we will only have to wait for all these checks to be made, and the financial company to inform us through our email or our mobile phone if our loan has been accepted.
Money now! How and where to get it in 2018 Wed, 09 Jan 2019 13:36:10 +0000 ]]> Money is already possible

Getting money already requires, almost irremediably, requesting microcredits online. The great advantage of these loans instantly is that, as the name suggests, you have the money right now. Of course, better compare before choosing, because the prices of the interests go, from free, to frankly expensive.

Most of the fast microcredit companies show this circumstance in all their advertisements. It is very easy that as soon as you enter their websites we see big headlines with the phrase Dinero ¡Ya! 

Of course, this is done under the cover of a very powerful reason: the potential client who goes to their websites is, with complete certainty, someone who looks for money and looks for it for now .

Many lenders will deposit the capital in less than 24 hours, some in minutes, as in the case of Vivus , Dineo , Creditea or Solcrédito , the last two also grant the money with ASNEF. By the way, if you are in ASNEF and you want to choose an entity among those that do not take it into account, you can find them all together in the comparison of micro loans with ASNEF (click to go) .

The other side of this publicity is that, while they offer you an advantage that comes from pearls, the well-known “money already”, it takes time for you to think twice. It may be true, in fact it is, that you will have that little capital right away but that should not make you careless about your precautions .

A good place to start, is our post about free loans , when it is the first time you request the particular financial company (and that you have this offer, of course). In all of them, the maximum amount will be for a loan of 300 euros

Money already, but well informed and knowing what you contract

Look for alternatives, if you think it’s better for you

To start you can take a look at our article Other ways to get money fast (and should not) , it is possible that one adapts to your situation.

Then, once proven that there is no choice but to ask for a Quick Money credit, we must be conscientious with whom and under what conditions we will hire it. We may need the money already but a few minutes to check the different offers and small letters, they become obligatory. Now that has to be already!

The basic information is the one that will give you security in the operation. The party that lends the money, I assure you that it will check exhaustively that this operation is well closed and well tied. Maybe you’re interested in keeping an eye on the Consumer Credit Law , before jumping into the pool.

In the search for that information we can help you, read on and find out which trusted financiers, serious brands that can lend you that money. If you have come to this article looking for money already , it is that you have an urgent matter to solve, and in that situation the security of choosing well is important.

Money already with ASNEF

How to get money urgently if I am in ASNEF , that is a recurring question among our public. They run the times that run and who else and who less has had some problem that has led him to a record of defaulters. If that is your case you will already know that it is not easy to get easy and fast money in that situation. It is not, we will not cheat you. But it is not impossible either. We have said many times, you can get Fast Money while at ASNEF, we do not want to repeat again and again. If this is your case, if you are in the well-known register of defaulters or in RAI or any other, it is best to read our article about fast money with ASNEF , where you will surely find the information you are looking for, in this case personal loans with ASNEF , and that will bring you a little closer to that money that you already need and that you do not know where to get.

Money no longer payroll

One of the most common questions that users of our website ask us is how to get money urgently if they do not have work or payroll with which to be able to guarantee to the microcredit lender the return of the capital within the stipulated period. And our answer is always the same.

It is not necessary to have a payroll to access a small, or not so small, amount of money fast. It is enough that you can justify some type of income, such as the unemployment benefit if you are unemployed or, of course, your retirement pay. Sometimes this last one has more weight than a payroll, since nowadays no job is safe and this the financial ones know it. On the other hand, retirement is harder to lose. They are insured income.

Maybe you are not in either of these two groups, unemployed and retired and you want to know if you can also get money now. We recommend that you read our article about getting fast money without payroll, in which we talk about the most advisable financial ones for your particular case. If you are collecting unemployment, or perhaps a subsidy, you may be interested in our article about unemployed loans , where we tell you how to get yours.

Money already without endorsement

If you need money already but you have no guarantee or guarantee to contribute you can also get it. Microloan financiers will not ask for great conditions or explanations. The only thing they really want is for you to return the money within the deadline. They are not interested in keeping your assets or implicating third parties how the guarantors can be. In our article private equity loans without endorsement (click to go) you have information about the entities that grant loans without endorsement. And if in addition to not having an endorsement, you do not have a salary either, surely you are interested in the article to get fast loans without payroll or endorsement , in which we give an answer to a person who is in your same situation.

Money no longer questions

The questions … how it bothers us to have to give explanations about our life and, above all, about our finances. One feels sometimes a little “humiliated”, to put a name to it, when the banks begin to search and look for our expenses and our fees to pay. It is not pleasant for anyone to have to explain why we can not cope with that unexpected expense that has turned our monthly forecast upside down.

If there is something good about the Quick Money financial institutions, they just ask questions . Obtaining the money is usually through simple forms in which you have to fill in your personal information, put a bank account number to enter the mini loan and little else. If you are one of those people who do not like questions, if it bothers you to inquire into your finances, you should know that you can get fast credits just by presenting your ID or NIE , easily and without questions .

We have tried in this article to publicize the ways to get money already in the most common situations that we find ourselves every day but if you are not in any of those cases and you are looking for information to get easy and fast money, we recommend that you visit our Quick credit comparison , by clicking on the button below these lines:

Teach me what quick credits there are

Get money already with responsibility

It is clear and it is more than evident with the offers of “money already”, that the world of the credit entities does not stop taking steps forward to provide us those extra punctual expenses that come to us without previous warning.

However, we must bear in mind that the money already or any other type of credit has a cost (unless it is your first free mini credit in some specific entities).

Therefore, before hiring anything, we suggest you take a look at the next point, in which we provide a series of steps so that there are no unpleasant surprises once you have committed to the application for the loan of money already.

Small tips for hiring money already

As we have been telling you, it is a fact that financial institutions increasingly get more and new offers that please the consumer, of course. Even, more than pleasing, you need for emergencies and unforeseen events that did not count at that time. Or it can simply be an extra money you need at that moment. Be that as it may, money is a reality.

What the Quick Money Team wants to convey to you with this point is that when hiring any type of credit or mini loan it is clear that you have to have things safe and clear to avoid disappointment later on. Therefore, we will give you 3 small tips, as a recommendation, to avoid a possible bad drink.

  • Inform yourself: first of all you must be cautious. Therefore, you should read and search in all the sites that occur to you about the credit offer that interests you the most at that time, in this case the money already .
  • Compare: once you have all the offers on the table, you should compare them. How do you do it? Looking for answers to several questions such as: Which one is cheaper? Which one has a return period that fits my current situation? Which one meets the requirements I need at this moment? Being at ASNEF , not having endorsement, not having payroll or income, etc.-.
  • Decide: and the final step is very simple. You just have to make sure that you have not made a mistake in your information searches and, finally, verify that you also meet the requirements of the entity that you are going to hire: if your nationality is what is required of you, if your age is the minimum that they require to formalize the loan, if you have the documentation that they ask for … etc.

Remember that these tips are not obligatory steps. But they are not laborious and you can save yourself some displeasure, because the breach of any of the clauses of the contract can suppose you, for example, a quite high increase in commission costs. Therefore, we recommend that you keep these tips in mind, to avoid any problem.

Urgent money online, GET IT! Wed, 09 Jan 2019 13:35:38 +0000 ]]> I need cash immediately. How long does it take to get money urgently online?

One of our readers, whom we have nicknamed Miguel, needs urgent money. In today’s article we solve all your doubts. If you have also come here looking for urgent money online, stay with us because we are going to tell you how to get it. advertising

I’m looking for urgent money online


I am writing with the intention of making a query, because for various circumstances I need to quickly access a small amount of money, and after a hard session collecting information through the Internet, I believe that the financial product that best suits my needs It is a quick credit.

Searching for information through the network I have been able to verify that there is a huge variety of financial urgent money online that, despite having similar characteristics, offer different loans, some more quickly than others, without being so demanding in the conditions for loan applications be accepted

I’m used to operating through the Internet. However, being the first time I’m going to request a loan through the network, there are many doubts that arise, regarding what it will take to complete everything, as well as all the data I need to provide to be able to streamline as much as possible. the process.

So that you know a little more about me and my profile as a quick credit applicant, I tell you my situation: I’m currently working, so I have a monthly payroll, I do not have any kind of endorsement , and also, I do not I have no accumulated debt, so I do not appear in any delinquency file as ASNEF or RAI.

The loan that I need to overcome all the expenses of Christmas and the fateful January cost would be 1,000 euros. Being the total amount what worries me the least, since currently what most urges me is to be able to count on the money entered in my account in the shortest time, and when the whole process is done electronically through the Internet, I do not know how much I will have What to expect until you have the credit money available.

I hope you can answer my questions and thank you very much for your attention in advance.


Our response to Miguel:

Hi miguel!

First of all, we would like to say that we are happy to answer all your questions, as well as that more and more users are encouraging us to write and ask their questions, since it is precisely this type of questions that tend to worry those who they are going to request a quick loan for the first time.

After reading your letter, we have seen that you tell us that before writing you have been conducting a search for information through the Internet, where you have checked the large number of existing offers in terms of urgent money and personal loans. It is precisely thanks to this variety of fast financial services companies that each time the competition is greater, so in matters such as the one that concerns you (the speed in fully managing the process through the Internet), every time look more than the customer can count on the money entered into their account almost immediately.

Before getting into the subject we want to indicate that, given the amount you need, that you get a little out of the mini-credit concept, you will surely find our articles useful € 1,000 Loans, in which we talk about financial of Quick Money that are granting “high” amounts like that.

Fully addressing your question, the answer is clear: in the vast majority of financial companies that you will be able to find on the Internet, speed is one of the things that is most valued by customers, so it is customary Once our credit application is approved, our money will soon be available, having to wait only for a time interval that varies between 10 minutes and one hour.

So we could say that, in general, the total process to be able to get urgent money online , under someone of your profile (with payroll, without endorsement, and without ASNEF), would not have to take more than twenty minutes or half an hour, since that we have to take into account that to apply for the credit we have to fill in a series of forms with a few personal data, and wait for the financial review, and give us your agreement.

At the moment in which the credit is accepted, the money will appear, in the great majority of cases, almost immediately in our account, ready to be invested in what we need.

We hope we have solved all the questions you asked us in your letter, and, of course, we expect you to write us again at the time when any question about loans and urgent money reappears.

a greeting

Quick and easy money, loans that take you out of trouble Wed, 09 Jan 2019 13:35:12 +0000 ]]> Quick and easy money, loans that help you get that cash you need today

Of course this credit product has earned the name of quick and easy money, small loans that are granted to alleviate small expenses that may occur and at a time when we can not get fast and, even less, easily .

If you need money quickly, follow this link and you will find a summary with the most outstanding quick credits .

And in case you look for a loan while at ASNEF , visit our microcredit selection with ASNEF

The requirements are minimal, in most cases no payroll or endorsement is required . It is enough even to justify that we have an income through a benefit (either unemployment or subsidy) or, for example, retirement that we are charging. Needless to say that of course if you have payroll is also valid, as is logical.

We can think of few ways to get money fast and easy , that we pay online (or what is the same: online).

Even, to curl the loop, the private financiers of fast loans , force their offers to compete with their peers, and in this way you can benefit from promotions like the one we recently told you about the free mini credits , or if you are included in the ASNEF file, the private microcredits with ASNEF .

They are quick, easy and entirely online loans

Another of its advantages, the possibility of doing all paperwork without paperwork, with real speed and with the feeling of dealing with serious and professional companies. Advertising

Fast and easy money, online loans.

Precisely due to the appearance in the market of the fast money , we refer to the financial entities of online credits, as with everything new they are under the gaze of the consumer, who studies them to try to foresee if they are useful, or just an expense plus. Needless to say, quick and easy money is a chimera in many cases, it is normal for people to be reluctant at first. But after his great success in countries like the United Kingdom, Germany and France, his arrival in Spain has been excellently welcomed, given the many Spanish families who have lost their option to easily get money through their bank, because of the increasing delinquency and known by all.

This is a product that must be used responsibly and that has to be compared, just like any other item that we buy. There are several leading financial institutions in the sector and knowing their current offers in quick money is essential to save.

Compare on our website for free and benefit from the best offers in the market. And if you want, you already know that you also have quick and easy money sections (loans) in places like Madrid , where you will be clicking on the link or, for example Barcelona , the Zaragoza area or Bilbao itself . In any case, without taking advantage of our local microcredit directory, online processing is of course where more offers you will find and where you can get faster with your easy loan.

Fast money for defaulters Wed, 09 Jan 2019 13:34:47 +0000 ]]> Quick money for defaulters is no longer a utopia. The minipréstamos companies begin to ignore this obstacle at the time of requesting a loan. Advertising

If your personal finances at this time do not allow you to request cash from your bank, for being considered “delinquent”, you may even unfairly check out the new mini-credits instantly.

Although we do not like the word defaulters , because it sounds a bit derogatory, you have to be realistic and know that the very high delinquency that is taking place in Spain, really alarming, has made many people morose , overnight. It has stopped being a term destined to a few, now anyone can be considered officially insolvent .

quick money for defaulters

Today: Fast and urgent money in Spain for people in arrears.

To be morose today in our country is not anything “original”. The terrible shock that the economic crisis has given to the family economy of many people, has ended up swelling the delinquency lists, to the point that anyone can be included in one of them, if not for one thing is for another.

That is why the new financial institutions of private capital have begun to ignore this situation and have gone on to grant instant mini-credits and without questions. Of course, it is not something that seemed a few years ago. As of 2008, the closure of credit by the main banking figures in the country has been total. A secrecy that has been broken by independent companies that demarcate this issue and grant loans to defaulters . Advertising

Why loans are now granted to defaulters and not before?

I need some money, but I’m in ASNEF. Who needs quick money can not wait, nor give a million explanations. You need cash today and, that same situation, shows that it is normal that you are not a person who currently has a reserve capital for contingencies . Since this is not the case, mini-loans with high ASNEF (or other files) are adopted by more and more credit institutions and these clients are treated with the same deference as any other. It does not scare anyone to appear in directories of late payments, it is something that unfortunately has become normal. So if you need fast microcredi, you have real chances of getting it.

In our section fast credits where to apply for them , you will find all the mini loans that are granted while in ASNEF or, for example, without payroll or endorsement .

Once you have chosen your microcredit quickly and have verified that they are granted to people in a situation of late payment , you can go to the financial website in question and know that you can request it without explanations .

Obtain a credit for defaulters with prudence

As we have explained throughout the post, a few years ago, the number of people in arrears increased considerably due to the economic crisis in which the country was located. Each time there were more people who were in files of defaults and for that reason they needed at some moment some urgent credit or mini credits instantly without paperwork. Quite the opposite.

Loans with delinquency began to be the new mini-loans more expected by society, given the number of consumers with high ASNEF that there is now in Spain. So, as we explained earlier, lenders took a step forward and began to provide urgent money with ASNEF .

Getting money while at ASNEF was one of the most anticipated and grateful credit news, since many people, without needing to have alarming debts, can be found in these files. Of the most famous cases that we find are the problems with telephone companies, with disagreements between companies and clients that end with the latter in this type of delinquency lists.

However, if they are available and there are quick credits for defaulters, it does not mean that the contracting of them must be crazy or irresponsible. Asking for loans while at ASNEF must be a punctual action for an unforeseen event that was not counted, not a way to settle a previous debt because if this loan can not be repaid, it could be really expensive.

Tips for the use of personal loans with delinquency

We have to be clear about the above: online loans being in ASNEF must be timely requests for money. Once this is understood we are going to offer you a series of steps to take into account from the moment you make the decision to contract money online with ASNEF.

    • The first thing we have to do is find the type of credit that best suits our situation at that time. In this case, they would be loans to defaulters. A small research exercise must be carried out in order to have in our hands all those credit offers that meet this requirement.


    • Next , we must compare all these offers that we have found and compare which ones are more or less convenient for us. To help us in this step, we can ask questions about how to grant that credit instantly without a payroll; if we did not have an endorsement, if granted; which are cheaper; which have a longer return period, etc. We must consider all the “characteristics” that we may have, and if they are granted by that lender we are looking to contract the loan.


  • And finally, we must make a decision . Keep in mind that after the previous screening, we will not have many options to consider, but if that is the case we also have to consider that the loan entities have their personal requirements, such as having a minimum and maximum age, reside in a given country , etc.
Money instantly online. Steps to follow. Wed, 09 Jan 2019 13:34:22 +0000 ]]> Get money instantly today, thanks to the new generation instant microloans

With online mini-credits, which are managed through the internet, it is possible to get money instantly , getting it today. A great advantage for those who need cash and that their bank or cashier, for whatever reason, does not grant it. Advertising

Online loans that have the flexibility you need. They can be requested even without payroll or endorsement or, for example, being in ASNEF. If the question is to get money urgently , it is one of the best options you will find.

It is this flexibility that has given great success to the rapid microcredit , since many citizens, millions, have made money instantly thanks to them. After being in a situation of default, given the great economic crisis that the country has suffered, and that has caused havoc among the population.

What should I do to get money instantly?

In our comparator you can see what quick credits, online, you have at your disposal. Choose the one that best suits your current situation (for example, if you are in ASNEF, or if you do not have payroll, etc).

Are money loans expensive at the moment?

Certainly yes , especially if you do not first compare what they can offer you. You can pay up to 45% interest or you can get it for free , you see that it fluctuates a lot. Advertising

Getting money instantly was never so easy

If this is your first mini loan, go directly to our mini-credits article , the first one free (click on the link to go) and take advantage of this incredible offer.

If none of the financial instant money that we show you in the article is useful, because you have already asked for some credit and you can not benefit from the offer (which is only granted to the first one requested, in each of the entities shown in this article), compare in the general area of ​​our website and save, if not all of the interests (as in the case of free), if a good amount of money and time.

So you know that it is very easy to get that money instantly, you only need a few minutes and very soon you will have it in your pocket.

Differences between credit and loan Wed, 09 Jan 2019 13:33:58 +0000 ]]> Credits and loans, concepts

Today we tell you the differences between credit and loan . Two concepts that are used interchangeably to define ” borrowed money ” and that in fact are not the same.

Surely we will have much to blame for the confusion in the use of these terms, loans-loans , professionals in the sector, since for commercial reasons we use the two definitions, which causes confusion in the user. In advance we apologize for the part that touches us;), when talking about microloans , mini loans or mini- credits , to present the same product. Advertising

But what are really the differences between the two concepts? Let’s see what our editorial team tells us about this common question.

Differentiating between credit and loan

In colloquial language, we often use the word loan and credit as if they were the same, but the reality is that it is not so. That is why today we are going to explain to you what are the differences between credit and loan and why you have to know them.

Loans: that money we ask to buy our house or pay for a master’s degree for our son.

In the case of a loan, we are talking about a financial transaction in which a person or an entity gives someone a fixed amount of money, for example to finance vacations or the purchase of a vehicle, in exchange for their return within a certain period , which is usually long and therefore of late amortization, through periodic quotas that are usually monthly, but may be quarterly, semi-annual or even annual depending on the case.

In addition to that, the entity and person will charge interest for the money lent . Depending on the amount, guarantees or physical guarantees are also usually required such as real estate, vehicles, insurance … that “insure” that amount that the bank lends to the client.

Individuals are the most used loans to buy houses, pay for studies, vehicles or any other service or whose price is too high for a person to pay it at one time.

Secure online loans Wed, 09 Jan 2019 13:33:40 +0000 ]]> Secure online loans or secure online loans are the answer to a logical demand from the client, who wants his operation to go well and be carried out safely

We have already talked recently about this particular: Security in online microcredits. And it never hurts to return to the subject, since it is more than likely that you are interested in requesting a mini-credit with security, financial guarantees that a totally necessary seriousness, when you ask for money online. Advertising

You can, as you know, see the loans online that we have exposed here and, choose the one you choose, have the knowledge that the financial companies look at the issue of confidentiality a lot, as well as all the round-trip registration of the money .

This is logical, since not only the client must be satisfied, the entity also wants the entire operation to be done as safely as possible.

Secure online loans

When we ask for a quick microcredit , we have to manage money and, with it, bank accounts and confidential data. It is essential to work with mini-credit operators at the moment they know the value of safe products. Advertising

Like any traditional bank, with the arrival of high security data encryption and shielding to the internet, this circumstance is used to expand its business.

Far away is the reputation of the Internet, in terms of security, as we all know that if the banks themselves and operate with confidence in online transactions, by extension the consumer can rest easy in this particular.

However remember that all financial companies that work online , like any other business, must comply with the data protection law and must, of course, ensure the entire operation with firm control of everything that is detailed in it.

We would like to give a round of applause to all those who have made it possible for Internet users to have more security on the internet and that all the difficulty that this entailed has been made available to the client, who sees a significant improvement in everything that concerns buying online any product and be able to do it safely.

Where to finance the purchase of a motorcycle Wed, 09 Jan 2019 13:33:16 +0000 ]]> Are you looking for credit to buy a motorcycle? Find here all the information you need

Then we offer you a consultation that one of our users sent us regarding financing to buy a motorcycle. If this is also your case, look no further: we tell you the main options you have at your disposal to get a credit or loan motorcycle.

First, we leave you with the email that Luis sends us, to which we greatly appreciate your query:

“How to finance a motorcycle?” 

“I’m Luis from Badalona and I’m looking for options to finance a motorcycle. I am currently driving to work, but in order to move around the city more comfortably (I spend too much time looking for parking) I want to buy a motorcycle.

The fact is that currently I do not have enough money to buy it at once, and I want to finance the purchase to pay little by little. I have looked at several second-hand models, so I need € 2,500. I have been working for several months, so I have payroll and no outstanding debt.

How do I finance a motorcycle? A greeting!”

Motorcycle credit: Platforms where to get it

After consulting Luis, we will see below what are the financial ones in which we can currently find a motorcycle loan:

Younited Credit

Click to go to the Younited Credit tab

  • Quantity: From € 1,000 to € 40,000
  • Refund: From 24 and up to 72 months
  • APR of 6.95% and up
  • Do not accept applications with ASNEF
  • Without endorsement


Click to go to the Creditea tab

  • Quantity: From € 500 to € 5,000
  • Refund: From 61 days to 31 months
  • Minimum APR from 42.41%
  • Accepts applications with ASNEF
  • You do not need a guarantor


Click to go to the Zaplo tab

  • Amount: From 300 to 2500 € (although it has a maximum of 800 € in our 1st application)
  • Refund: Up to a maximum of 24 months
  • No need for endorsement
  • Accepts ASNEF (although it depends on the origin and amount of the debt)

As we can see, we have three different options through which we can get credits for motorcycles: Younited Credit , Creditea and Zaplo .

Each of these platforms offer us different alternatives that may interest us depending on our case. If for example, we are looking for financing to buy a new bike, we have the Younited Credit service through which we can get the most money. Advertising

In the opposite case, as proposed by our user Luis, if we are thinking about buying a second hand motorcycle and therefore we need to access a motorcycle loan for lower amounts , we have the service that both Creditea and Zaplo offer us.

Can I finance a motorcycle with ASNEF?

After seeing what are the main platforms through which we can get a motorcycle loan, we may be wondering if it is possible to finance motorcycle with ASNEF.

As we have already seen, in two of the three entities that we have proposed, we find that having entries in listings associated with late payment is not an exclusive requirement to be able to carry out the application successfully. However, we must bear in mind that in both cases the following conditions have to be met:

  • That our debt does not come directly from another financial platform
  • That the default does not exceed an amount determined by the entity itself (the total, will vary depending on the financial we have chosen)

In the event that the debt we have listed in the file (if you do not know if you are signed up, you can read our post How to know if I am in ASNEF ) meet these two characteristics, we will be able to obtain financing for motorcycle with ASNEF without major problems , although always keeping in mind that if we want to opt for larger amounts of money, we will have to pay the non-payment for which we are listed within these listings.

Once we have fulfilled the debt that we have pending reimbursement, we can proceed to request any type of financing that we need without limitations, given that once the debt disappears, there is no record of this.

Therefore, if we want a motorcycle loan with ASNEF we must know that the amounts we can choose will be lower than those that can opt, for example, the profiles that do not have outstanding defaults. Therefore, this type of financing with ASNEF is more focused on acquiring second-hand motorcycles. If you see fit, we have prepared for you a selection of the best known micro loans with ASNEF (click to go)

Loans for motorcycles: What documentation will I need?

The platforms through which we can currently obtain credits for motorcycles are financial entities that offer financing solutions for what we need. In this way, when managing the entire process we must know that the documentation that we will be required to carry out the process, is as simple as the one we are used to find within the sector, which stands out for its Quick management, no questions and without having to deal with a lot of paperwork.

Therefore, it does not matter that we are interested in buying a basic and economic motorcycle or in obtaining a loan for high-capacity motorcycles . The application process and the documentation that we will need, is practically the same for both cases.

However, it is important that we bear in mind that the greater the amount of money we are going to request, the greater the probabilities that we need to provide more documentation.

Generally, when it comes to managing credits for motorcycles, the documentation that we will need to provide is the following:

  1. A copy of our ID or NIE
  2. A proof of income. It must be a source of income that is both regular and officially justifiable. As an example, we find payroll, pension, self-employed or unemployment benefits.
  3. An extract from our bank account. In this way, we will be able to verify both that we are the owners of the account in which the loan is going to be made for motorcycles that we are going to request, as well as all the information related to the current account.

Is it possible to get bikes financed without interest?

Now that we know which are the main entities in which we can find the service for which our user Luis asked us throughout his query, we will discuss another aspect related to this service: the possibility of obtaining a motorcycle loan without interests

A credit without interest is a financial service through which we can get a certain amount of money, without having to pay commissions for the service. Therefore, it becomes a very interesting offer at the moment in which it appears in a situation like the one proposed by our user in his email, in search of a motorcycle financial.

If we are interested in getting a motorcycle financed without interest, we must know that it is a service that is more usual to find through consumer loans that we can obtain in places such as dealerships , or specialized motor stores. This type of financing is focused on incentivizing consumption, allowing us to obtain very competitive offers when financing purchases for important amounts of money, just as it is in the case of a motorcycle.

In this way, if we want to obtain a motorcycle loan without interest in the private financial companies that we have proposed at the top of this entry, we must take into account that they do not have this promotion as an available option, and all platforms have interests applied to the service.

Therefore, if we want to obtain, for example, a loan for a motorcycle without having to pay interest, our main option will be to look for offers through the motorcycle buying and selling companies, where it will be more likely that we will be able to obtain credits. with more advantageous conditions.

In the opposite case, if we are interested in obtaining a loan to finance a used motorcycle our options are more limited, since we have the alternatives proposed by the financial entities, allowing us to pay the cost of the motorcycle in a single payment, and go back in monthly payments the amount of money that has been borrowed from us.

In short, credits for motorcycles financed without interest are perfectly possible, although in most cases they are not available in private lending platforms, and we will have to go to specialized dealers. Usually free fast credits (without interest on the first loan) only reach up to € 300, which is far from the budget usually required by a motorcycle, even if it is a modest one.

How to finance a used motorcycle?

We continue with our ticket to know the answer to the question: How can I finance a used motorcycle?

As we have seen, we have different alternatives when looking for financing to buy motorcycles. However, when it comes to obtaining money to buy a second-hand motorcycle , our options are more limited, having to choose private platforms that allow us to return in monthly installments the total cost of the motorcycle.

These entities are perfectly adequate when obtaining financing for any type of second-hand vehicle, since normally when we carry out this type of consumption we do not have financing options available, given that they are generally made directly between individuals.

In this way we have that if we want a credit for a used motorcycle, we can opt for the options proposed by the entities of which we spoke earlier: Younited Credit, Creditea and Zaplo.

According to the type of motorcycle that we want to buy, and of course, considering that although generally a used motorcycle will always cost less than a new one, we must know that at present we have available financing that reaches large quantities, with maximum that they offer us up to € 40,000.

Therefore, if we want to know where to finance a second-hand motorcycle, we just have to look at the main features proposed by the aforementioned entities, and see which one best suits what we need.

How to buy a financed motorcycle?

If we are clear that we want to opt for the purchase of financed motorcycles and we want to know how the whole process works through a private finance company, then we will explain step by step everything we need to know.

The first step when we think “I want to buy a financed motorcycle” is, of course, to locate a model that interests us , to make an approximate calculation of the amount of money we will need to finance it.

In this way we can begin to see which platforms are of interest to us, and to see in broad strokes both the interests that the financing will have, as well as the amount of time that we will have to pay the monthly payments.

Once we have this clear point, if we want to know how to finance a motorcycle, we must bear in mind that it is as easy and simple as requesting any other loan service to a private entity.

In the first place, we will have to locate the platform that best suits our needs, both in terms of reimbursement and quantities to be granted.

When we have found the entity that best suits us, we will have to access its web platform and enter the amount to request, as well as the term of months that we want to finance the payments. Automatically we can see how the approximate interests of the operation are calculated through your credit simulator and know the total that will cost us, for example, finance 125 motorcycle.

If we agree with the total expenses generated by the purchase of a motorbike financed through this method , we will simply have to fill out an online form in which our main personal data will be collected. These are necessary so that the entity itself can verify our identity, and verify that all the information that we have provided is correct.

When we have finished filling out this form with our data, we will have to attach the documentation required by the entity. Normally, these are documents as basic as our DNI or NIE , a proof of income, or a bank statement.

Finally, we will only have to send all the documents and wait for the response from the entity, which in a matter of minutes will inform us if the financing for motorcycles that we have requested has been approved.

Getting financing, the dilemma begins Wed, 09 Jan 2019 13:32:37 +0000 ]]> Oddly enough, funding can be obtained almost always while looking for enough and is willing to accept certain conditions, less advantageous than those offered by the usual means, such as banks. So if you need money to expand your business, leave a season of losses or simply start a new project, in the following lines, from The Quick Money , we show you several of the available options. Advertising

If you can not get financing, through a loan, in any bank to find you in RAI, ASNEF or any other reason, the options that we have left are in the mini credits, fast loans and some mortgage loans and home loans. pawns This type of quick credits help us to get money , for example, from 50 euros, 400 euros , or up to 10,000 euros in just a few hours and without having to provide too much documentation. In the same way that if you are an entrepreneur, we recommend you visit the article loans for self-employed entrepreneurs .

But first of all: how to know if I am in ASNEF or RAI?

If you are not sure to appear on one of these delinquent lists, just send an email to or call the numbers   91 768 76 00 or 91 556 20 11. They will tell you exactly what information to provide for the consultation. Of course, it is only free to consult the data in ASNEF, to consult those of any other person must be partners and pay a monthly fee.

Getting financing is possible

The financiers associated with fast money offer us financing with mini-credits of up to 1000 euros , which we must return in a maximum of 30 days in a single installment. These credits can be paid only once in any of these ways: with our credit or debit card, by transfer or by directly entering the money into a company account through an ATM or a teller. The interests are very high, being approximately 35%, a percentage justified by the risk assumed by the company. In the event that we are not included in delinquency lists such as the RAI or the ASNEF, the percentage of interest will decrease considerably, but it is rare that it will decrease by 15% or 20%.   As we can imagine, getting financing with this type of credit, are recommended in specific cases, in which we have to pay outstanding bills, suppliers or make urgent repairs in the business, since we can also have the money in about 48 hours as much.

In the case of quick loans of up to 5,000 euros, conditions are more difficult. If we have a house or other property that we can put as collateral, there are usually no problems when they grant us a quick loan of this kind. But if we do not offer any guarantee of payment such as a house or car, they will not grant us the loan if it is more than 1,000 euros, especially if our debt is with a bank. If instead the debt is with a utility company such as electricity, water, a supplier that we have not paid or a telephone bill, if we have the option to get it. In addition, they will ask us to justify a regular income in an account, a payroll, government assistance … anything that certifies that we have regular income. Once again, the problems with this type of loans are that the interest is high, and especially the delay costs, which can raise the interest on the loan up to 100%, depending on the company and the unpaid installments.

Advertising In the event that we have placed a property as collateral, we could lose it if we do not pay, or get legal action (which can, for example, freeze the account) if we have not made a guarantee. Therefore, these credits are recommended only in situations in which we are very sure of being able to return the loans in their time, which can be in monthly payments of up to 1 year. Especially when it comes to putting a home as collateral for a credit of 2,000 or 5,000 euros, is a dangerous bet, so we must resort to it only as a last resort or as an alternative plan when we urgently need a way to find financing for our projects.

On the other hand, mortgage loans are a possibility in the event that we need a considerable amount of money, from 10,000 to 100,000 euros, but we will have to put a home as collateral, although it is not necessary to have a payroll or guarantee. The interest or TAE that is applied here is about 10%, much lower in the case of mini-credits and quick loans, but we must bear in mind that the longer we take to repay the loan, the higher the interest rate will rise. As we are allowed to return the credit in 10 or 15 years, and also take more time to receive the money. The limitation here is that you need to have assets before asking for the loan and that it is much more complex, everything is a process, having to resort even to notaries and others. These types of credits are only recommended in extreme cases and in which the amount of money needed is very high, since there is a lot of risk that we run when putting our own home into play.

Finally, we have the loans that we can get in companies and pawnshops, especially cars. There are companies that allow us to pawn the car without having to stop using it for amounts between € 50 and € 15,000. There are also others in which we can pawn jewelry, gold, silver and other valuable objects. The interests in this case vary from 0-1% to 10% depending on the company. The time to repay the loan is usually 12 months, being able to increase in case of not being able to pay it until another year maximum.

Of course, as in the case of mortgage loans, we risk losing our objects, which are usually sold in auctions if we take too long to return the money owed. In many of these “pawnshops” we will have a deadline to return the money and recover what we have put as collateral, until the same day of the auction of the object.